Monday, November 5, 2018

It was like Wizard of Oz, but not as entertaining.

As with most of the country, our weather has been...challenging.  It seems as if any change in temperature must come in violently.  No pussy-footing around, when it comes to the weather.

We have had two such incidents, where our balmy October/November temps (!!!) have been temporarily swept through by a cold front, bringing with it raw, wet weather and high winds.  A week ago, the Saturday of the undone Halloween party, we were under a wind advisory.   I battened down everything I could think of (as in tied down the bright, new cover on my fuel tank enclosure to within an inch of its life), weighted or moved buckets, etc.  Then went inside and tried to ignore the howling.  After delivering the meals to neighbors - and getting buffeted across two lanes, to and from my destination, I came home to this.
You may need to bigify.
I apologize for the poor quality of the photo - there has not been any sunlight with which to properly light anything.  We have had over 5 inches of rain in the last three days - never mind the weeks prior.  One does not walk, one squelches.

I took the tarps off after it was lifted and moved (wind howling and me hoping a flying branch wouldn't finish me off) so that the wind wouldn't further toss it onto my newly stretched fence.

I am now up to 6000 units of D3 a day.  Enough about the weather.

The one bright spot during the past week was a quick and wonderful visit with Sylvie!  I took a day off and we crammed enough culture into it to carry me through the month.  She is the cheerleader of my finer self.  We walked for miles through MASS MoCA, a fascinating museum that houses all manner of contemporary art exhibits - some massive

Parts of the massive exhibit by Liz Glynn,
a very thought-provoking, poignant
Afterwards, we dodged the inevitable pelting rain and had lunch in a nice little pub-style café in North Adams, MA, hit a local Goodwill - where they had tons and tons of jeans (what I need) but none of their clothing was arranged by size.  Needless to say, we were in and out in minutes.  We then bought dinner ingredients and a frame and...
Sorry for the blurry pic.
Sylvie has an uncanny ability to look at a space and be able to visualize objects within it, in a perfect layout.  Her friends take advantage of her skills unabashedly.  I apologize for the blurry photograph - we were totally knackered by the time we finished and we still had to make dinner!  I will take a better pic later.

I am working on another pair of socks - for me - and I am very happy with the pattern.  Once these are finished, I am on to holiday knitting.
Since I took this photograph, I've finished #1 and started
on #2.
I woke up Sunday morning (oh thank you for the time change, whatever idiots were in charge, those many years ago) to...NO RAIN!  As a matter of fact, the sun actually came out a few times.  I hung a load of laundry on the clothesline - be still my heart!  I also got a little giddy and made a list for the day.
I know.
However ridiculous, I did managed to check off half of the list, do three loads of laundry, do three things NOT on the list, clean (as in vacuum and sweep) the house, and make a pot roast in my Instant Pot.  I will squeeze in the rest as I can this week.  If it doesn't rain this coming weekend (pleasegod), I hope to get the sheep all set for winter.  This will put me in good shape - at least for the critters.  Then I can sit inside, watch videos and eat bon bons.

Quite so.


Theresa said...

My ears always perk up at the mention of bonbons. You share right? I'm betting there are a number of wanna be's to share with. ;-) What exactly was that? New England sometimes sounds so much worse than I remember....ticks, high winds, but wait, no smoke. There's a plus there I'm sure, and excellent seafood and better than here corn....
As always you put my schedule to shame. I painted this weekend and dammit, caught the Packers/Patriots game while eating a bowl of taboo Mac and Cheese. Ahh carbs, sweet toothsome carbs.

Kristina said...

Our rain is moving back in, once again leaving me to ignore the garden. Now they say bad winds are moving through here, so I sure hope it's not too bad. Wowza.

Michelle said...

Loved your title; made me chuckle even as I winced at the photo. I took my one weekend work-day off to attend a horse clinic and now I feel behind the eight ball, especially with my parents arriving Wednesday morning. I ate spaghetti noodles with olive oil and lots of garlic way too late last night; there must have been a high-carbs wind blowing in Oregon last night....

Mama Pea said...

Welcome to dealing with destructive winds! No wonder neither of us (you or me!) sleep of a night when the wind is howling. It's always so much fun to go out to see what parts of your homestead are still standing and what parts have been moved 20 ft. or so. (Actually, a couple of those exhibits you saw at the museum with Sylvia look as if they got caught in a bit of destructive wind, too.)

We had about 1/2" of slushy, very, very wet snow yesterday. The far southern-most part of the yard and gardens still have white stuff showing this morning but the rest has been washed away already . . . by more rain. If all of your rain and all of our rain comes down this winter as S-N-O-W, we may be building up great shoveling muscles. Or else lying prostrate under the drifts. :o\

Susan said...

Theresa, so, it's bon bons, is it? I do think that football and mac and cheese is a combination to die for!

Kristina, I think we have been having very similar weather. We had ONE day off from the rain and now it's due back today and tomorrow. It's impossible to get into the garden. I dread facing the mess in the spring, but there is not much you can do. I hope your winds aren't bad.

Spaghetti with O/O and garlic is my FAVORITE pasta ever! Why is it that we pay for our few and far between days 'off'? I hope you have good weather to enjoy with your parents. Has Brian offered to drive and pick them up at the airport...? :)

SNOW????!!! I am NOT READY for snow! Just want to get that out there, in case the Universe has such a trick up its sleeve. I have been hearing from the farmer that it is supposed to be an El Nino winter - meaning wet but warm. I do not want to go through the snow we had last March. Not for at least a decade or six. The only downside to a warm winter is the uptick in the rodent population. Of which I am already at war.

ellen abbott said...

re the contemporary art exhibit...I guess you had to be there or else I am totally deficient in appreciating piles of junk and pallets. and re your to do list and day's accomplishment...are you on speed or what? and re the weather...we got 4" of rain in one day last week and the next the wind howled all day. nothing but extremes. it's either dry dry dry or wet wet wet. and Trump thinks it will just switch back to before without us doing anything. (sorry to inject his sorry ass).

Susan said...

ellen, you had to be there, obviously. The scope of the installment was impressive and the message was that we have lost so much of ourselves in hurtling towards total technology. There was a lot more in the many galleries we saw but I was too busy enjoying it to take pictures. I think, for whatever reason, that I will be a total letdown (to someone...?) if I do not achieve as much as possible in every waking moment. It's a curse.

Lynne said...

You amaze me again, with so much energy. Did thing that exhibit with the pallets was really unbelieveable! I think I would enjoy that one. Not sure about the junk pile one. Do like your socks your doing. Ilike doing the socks myself. Their additive. Our weather was been a little crazy, rainy and windy one day was quite warm last week. Today is warm and we'll be getting rain and a thunder storm tonight. I give up trying to figure it out. Take care of yourself!

jaz@octoberfarm said...

please goddess let me wake up to good news tomorrow! we have a cold front moving in right now blowing our 65 degree weather away and saturday we have a low of 22. such a strange fall. this is maybe the first time in my life that i wish i could stay up late. i will have to find out what happened when everyone else is going to bed!

tpals said...

You must have very happy feet with all your magnificent socks. :)

Rain said...

Bon bon eating is definitely suitable for November. :) Your list makes me tired! We had that same windstorm, luckily nothing got blown away but a few big branches off trees near the house fell down. No damage thankfully! Your sock colour is really cute! I am NOT doing any holiday knitting this year! I have one sweater in the works for Jack but that's it! :)

Goatldi said...

Well imagine *that*!

No rain no wind well ok a bit no fires yet but hope unfortunately springs eternal apparently.

Lots of fun stuff going down with the other half MIA.

I salute your positive yet skeptical attitude.

Leigh said...

Susan, if you got even half of a to-do list accomplished, you did good! I don't usually do that well, but then again, I usually forget to check it throughout the day. Hopefully you'll have better weather ahead, the kind that doesn't create more things to add to that list.