Monday, November 26, 2018

Little bursts of consciousness.

That could be the caption for most of the drivers that I follow into the city every morning.  They seem to navigate via little bursts of consciousness.  In the case of this post title, it is perfect for my memories of the past four days.  I always laugh when someone asks if I have enjoyed my mini vacation.  Whazzat?

I could beat you soundly around the brain cells with what all happened during the holiday season of Plan Bs - yes, some things never change - but, instead, I will give you a pictorial account in little bursts.

Wednesday - 2 degrees above 0.  Worked until 3:30, as the Nobs let us leave 'early'.  Then...
GF Pumpkin pie, made with Marianne's

Irish Oatmeal Cake with
Butterscotch frosting. 

Italian Ricotta Pie in an apple
slice 'crust' with rum-soaked raisins
Thursday - 5 degrees BELOW zero.  Pulled out my long underwear and found this attached:
Poor guy
I brought dessert (see above) and an appetizer.  Besides the dessert, there was not much I could eat, thanks to the fact that most of my family seems to forget that I am gluten intolerant.  Every. Single. Time.  So I had turkey, canned cranberry sauce, instant mashed potatoes (gark) and mashed rutabaga.
I didn't starve.  My dad was having a very bad day, so it was pretty much lacking in festivity. 

Friday - 19 degrees all day.  House cleaning and a futile drive a half-hour up to the vet to pick up Binkie's* sedative for his nail trimming/allergy shot Saturday morning.  I arrived to find they were closed - a little detail that was not shared with me when I called the day before Thanksgiving.  I was not pleased.

Saturday - RAIN.  Back up to the vet at 9A with an unmedicated pup to find that, because of the aforementioned holiday, their supplies didn't arrive and there were no meds for his allergy shot.  But they would do his nails for free.  I then spoke to them (probably through gritted teeth) that they had more than enough time to call me and give me the option of a free nail trimming OR waiting for the inevitable reschedule (during my work week).  Served them right that he ripped through his muzzle.
With his naked mouse ears and his warm,
stylish sweater from his cousin, Mandy.
He accompanied me to my oil change which, no surprise, ended up being a $850 oil change-cum-front-end-wheel-repair that took three hours instead of a half hour.  I think it's a bad sign that I don't even flinch now.  My sister picked us up and we entertained my parents during the ensuing wait.  I will say for my Binkie that he is an absolute delight and was very patient and loving with my demented father.  However, that shot our entire day and the only thing I managed when I got home, was to open a bottle of wine.

Sunday - WTH?  Made GF Applesauce Spice cake for the barn group.  It drizzled and rained all day.  The world must be grinding to a halt.  What is with this weather?  I cleaned the house, more or less, but just didn't have the oomph to get much done.  I did unload my crate of organic apples from Marianne, which didn't freeze in my car, thank goddess, and spent an inordinate amount of time knitting and letting the end-to-end episodes of Miss Marple wrap my aching brain in pink wooliness.  Bless her heart.  I could kiss the feet of Agatha Christie.
Still with the clay spray, but very delicious!
There is applesauce in my near future.
Monday.  Geezlouise, that was fast.  I thought you would like to see my 'wards' at the farmhouse.  I feed them every morning.
Boy Kitten on the left and Gracie on the right.
Just can't wait for the next holiday weekend.  (Can you hear the drip, drip, drip of sarcasm there?)

*Peanut Butter/Butter Pat/Pat seems to respond better (as in actually comes when I call him) to Binkie.  Go figure.


Theresa said...

I can hear the little dribble of spitefulness coming through, just a wee dram. ;-)
Oh poor Binkie Pat with bad ears. Mandy threw her neck/left front leg out again Turkey day while we were gone. I wonder if it is a gym here when we are both gone at the same time. She is on envy worthy medication. Oh please recipe for the ricotta pie! I splurged on stuffing, too much stuffing at TD and paid for it. I refused to check my blood sugar Friday but I knew it was up, up, up. Sigh. I am not a turkey fan but I adore stuffing.....
Hugs, I hope it is a an easy week. Pets to Pinkie, Lovey and Slimmie.

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Sounds like a lot of aggravation but on the bright side -- every one of your desserts looks absolutely delicious!

AnnieK said...

That Peanut Butter is such a love...... xoxoxo

Susan said...

Theresa, I will email the ricotta pie recipe - tres simple! I do think they do amazing feats of gymnastics when there is no one there to keep an eye on them. Honestly. Sigh, I am so a fan of stuffing...even GF, if I am desperate enough. As aggravated as I was, I just cannot get mad at the Girls (vets) as they are so delightful in their youthful vetti-ness.

Debra - yes, thank goddess for the desserts! I could eat two out of three, for better or worse...

Annie - isn't he though? He is loved by all and loves all. I spend an inordinate amount of time kissing his little head.

Theresa Y said...

Sounds like one of those weekends. Be careful... sometimes "those weekends" can turn into to weeks, and sometimes even months. Auurrgh!
Here's to you having a very quiet, emergency free, productive week....

Kristina said...

Wow, all that food looks wonderful. We always have vegetarian dishes due to many vegetarians in my side of the family. Glad you got fed.

Susan said...

Kristina, I wonder if they would focus more, if I told them I was vegetarian. I figure I am about 80 percent plant based at this point, so maybe it would work. Either that, or I will start bringing my own food!

Lynne said...

My daughter is on gluten free food, so I always make gluten free stuffing And most every thing else gluten free. Also make pie crust gluten free. Poor little Binky, hope everything is o.k. now. He's so cute. I'd be a little up set with the vet's office too!

coffeeontheporchwithme said...

As rotten as a lot of that was, I really enjoyed reading this! I love Miss Marple, too. I just finished a dementia day and have graduated to the large glass of wine. (gluten free!) -Jenn

Anonymous said...

I am so very sorry about your weekend. I hate when things happen just boom...boom...boom like that. No time to breathe or process. I myself had a pretty good 4 day weekend (with the exception of the "grand-dog" being laid to rest), but I won't brag. Your vet's office messed up big time, not gonna lie.

Susan said...

Theresa, I know what you mean - I am trying to 'breathe' through the week in order to break whatever jinx has been cast upon me!

Lynne, I may go to your house for next Thanksgiving. I'm considering bringing my own food or skipping it altogether.

Jenn - The Miss Marple series has such a soothing effect on me! Congrats on making it out alive from your dementia day. I hope your MIL had success with the operation. Large is good!

RUTH!! So sorry about your grand-dog. These things so often happen around the holidays. I really like the vets, but they are young and young people don't seem to think along the same lines. I hope that they will call me next time, as it's quite a hike and I don't like leaving Lovey by herself that long. (It's so good to hear from you!)

tpals said...

Thanks to being in retail, I had to work Thursday and Friday. I also picked up a dreadful cold that still hasn't eased.

So, while our woes are different, I feel much sympathy. I think this calls for extra hugs from our furry friends.

wyomingheart said...

Well, once again Susan...never a dull moment! We spend a lot of time traveling and have come to realize that with all the distractions of drivers now days we must assume that at least 50% have infantile paralysis between both ears!... lol... Never assume that anybody on the road has your best interest at heart. Those pies look awesome and I can almost smell the applesauce from here! Love that handsome PB!

Mama Pea said...

Well, shoot! And you were so looking forward to your long (enjoyable!) weekend. That $850 car bill would have 'bout ruined it for me even if everything else had gone better. Except the snafus at the vet's office. Geesh, it seems you can hardly deal with ANY business these days without realizing no one seems to take the responsibility for notifying customers of . . . just about anything! I mean, the customers are the ones who give them money so they can keep operating, right? Methinks you've just given me fodder for a ranting/raving blog post regarding a little go-round I just had. Hrumpf. (Oh, get over it, Mama Pea.) But it seems to be happening so darn often!

Your food, as usual, looks delish. I'm mad at your family for not going to the little bit of extra effort to provide a gluten-free dish or two for you. That's downright rude. (Boy, I'm on a real negative kick, aren't I?) (Yes, I are(!) but hope to get over it soon.) :o\

Elaine said...

It just doesn't let up, does it? Thank goodness Miss Marple was there to help, along with the wine.

No consolation to you, because your GF needs are health related, but I find that people think I will abandon being a vegetarian to dive into their meat-fests, because we all need a treat now and then! (Pass me a bucket, even the smell is making me ill, never mind the sight of the stuff.) I plaster on a big smile, avoid breathing through my nose and fill my plate with vegetables as I try to divert attention to anywhere other than my plate. Your puddings look magnificent, I am drooling over the Ricotta one.

May you find yourself in a much calmer and less demanding and/or expensive week.

Michelle said...

All I can say is that I'm glad it warmed up before the precipitation fell; I'd hate to think of you driving around in a blizzard.

(Right now I'm trying to ignore Chuckie out on the deck looking in the doors and crying piteously, which he did a few minutes ago at the FRONT door. What's a body to do with an incredibly loving cat who doesn't know what a litterbox is???)

Leigh said...

These kinds of weekends seem to pass all too quickly. Maybe because dealing with family is a job of work all in its own.

ellen abbott said...

well, that was a holiday weekend made in hell. and what the fuck is wrong with that vet? and obviously the dog knows his name and it's Binky. and how does a bumblebee get stuck to your long johns and you didn't notice? and finally, my last comment, that Italian ricotta pie looks yummy.

Rain said...

Oh my gosh Susan...we had a similar car disaster yesterday. A $40 scan turned into a $500 wheel bearing. I'm not at the point where I don't blink anymore, I actually cried when we went out for a walk. Our car is a money pit, but damn if we need it. I want to burn it to the ground....

Your goodies look great!! And Binky! I love that!!! :)

We are having a mix of freezing rain and snow, I hate that, makes for power outages...I hope I'm not jinxing myself, but I'd opt for snow over rain this time of year!!! :)