Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Hello Mud!

If there ever was a post title that will come back to bite me, this is it.

I should add, "Goodbye Ice!"  But I am sure I will now get bitten twice.  We went from layers of ice and snow, to boot-sucking mud, to frozen mud, now to dry mud.  But tomorrow it is supposed to rain, so we may just reverse the process.  One never knows with Fickle Farch.

Love the pattern
This is pretty much how the entire chicken yard looks - with the exception of the reseeded part.  I am hoping the area I reseeded last year will hold its own this spring.  The jury is still out.
Betty Rubble

Connie the Cornish
These two hens are my constant companions, along with Dottie, the Speckled Sussex.  They follow along, talking to me.  Betty is an olive egger.

I was happy to see that the ice has melted between the raised beds, so I will be out layering cardboard this weekend - should I have the time.  Another weekend scheduled to within an inch of its life.  Last weekend, I had more of a social life than I've had in months - I met my friend with the Randall cattle for a glass of wine on Saturday night, and my neighbor took me out for dinner on Sunday.  I managed to squeeze in the complete purging of my linen closet - a thorn in my side for years.  I got two huge bags of the gleanings, so to speak.  One for Goodwill and one for the local shelter.  Progress.

There are signs of spring, on this day of the equinox.  My rhubarb is starting to show signs of life.

You can just see the start of the red buddings, if  you biggify.  I am going to divide a few and transplant them in the front - just to see if they do better with more light.  These are fine - albeit slower to grow - but I'm in the mood to try new things.  I got all charged up about a potato planting scheme, until I realized that I don't have the garden space for it.  Seed starting is kicking off this weekend, too, so I may be burning the midnight oil, trying to get everything done.  I am actually afraid to face my seed packets.  I have a feeling it's gotten out of control.

With the absence of ice, I have let the dogs have their heads and it is so much fun to watch.  Lovey gets a bad case of the zoomies and the Pat is positively airborne.  Sometimes he goes so fast, that his rear end is trying to pass his front end.  Poor kids.  It's been a long winter.  I have to check the yard first, however, as I seem to have inherited a yard bunny.  There's a small rabbit that now lives under the deck and is within view almost every time I go out.  That would be too much excitement for all of us.

Tomorrow I try to get Slimmie into his carry-crate (hahahaha) so I can tote him up to the vet.  He went from tossing up the occasional hairball, to throwing up every morning.  He hasn't lost his appetite or looked or acted poorly, which is reassuring.  I had started him on a new kibble, so I went back to his grain free and he has not thrown up once in the last five days.  Still, it pays to be diligent when your cat/dog gets older.  I just have to maintain the element of surprise tomorrow.  He is not a violent cat, but he is strong and eely.  Wish us luck.  If luck is not on my side, I may have to beg for a house call.

Friday, my sister and I are taking a day trip to NH.  I'm going along as company and comic relief.  I am also dropping my car off at the mechanics.  Yes.  Again.  I am actively looking for another.  Saturday, I am hoping to do a shortened version of my chores, so I can get home and get things done.  Sunday, I am joining a spring hike because...well, because it's spring and I need fresh air.   That, and I need more socialization.  I realized that I had not had any interaction with another human being (in person) Monday and Tuesday.  And I work in an office building!  It's not natural.

Next on my List of Purge is the laundry/furnace/tool room.  Again.  I realized that I had not purged anything, the last time I tackled it.  I just rearranged what was there.  No more.  The gloves are off.  The freezer is pretty much emptied, so I will see if I can defrost it, too.  Then I can put it on the local market and move my smaller chest freezer from the back room.  THEN, I can finish the office/craft room.  THEN...well, you know, there is the rest.


Lynne said...

It's good to know your trying to have some fun. You are a busy person.Must of seemed like a whole new world going out to eat. Some kind of wonderful!! You deserves it. doesn't seem possible it's time to think about planting. That mud season is horrible. We don't have it here. Take Care!

Joanne Noragon said...

And then, good luck to you. Especially on socializing, though you will have a good time with your sister, too. As for cats, best of luck. I find it best to get the crate down and convenient the day before; pick up the cat in another room, if possible, and put him in back end first, to get rid of those hind legs like a rabbit's!

Michelle said...

My ESP isn't working; if I'd known you were unsocialized on Monday and Tuesday, I would have called!

Mama Pea said...

I know I should be used to it by now, but I'm still bamboozled that you in upper NY have spring time (and, okay, the mud, too) so much earlier than we do in northern MN. But if I actually look at a map of the states, we are farther north than you are. :o(

Reading of your scheduled plan for this coming weekend, I would suggest you start now. One, two, three . . . GO! Hugs, my friend.

Debra She Who Seeks said...

You're doing such a good job with the purging! I hope Slimmie feels better soon.

Susan said...

For some reason we have had two days of summer, on the vernal equinox of all things. I went outside and dug a hole just for the heck of it. I feel sorry for you and Slimmie, it will be a traumatic morning. I wish I had a hen called Betty Rubble.

AnnieK said...

Love love the pics of your girls..... xoxo <(")

Goatldi said...

Well I note several missed post on my part, UGH!

Congrats on getting to the end of the beginning. Together again. After a whole week, 7 days, 168 hours without rain. To the point of almost being puddle less and mud less. Here on the first day of Spring what happened? Yes you hit the proverbial dark cloud on the head. Rain. Began prior to midnight it did. Of course I was expecting this as the local yocal weather person declared light rain heavy at times during the night. Light showers in the morning then sun. Boy did that guy back pedal tonight on the "local at 5:30" edition.

I would much rather a simple "well folks we have no idea what is going in the world of weather so instead of looking like uneducated meteorologist
when you get up stick your head out the door and it is what it is."

Of course this is followed by one day of sunshine and then potentially seven days of rain. All of this preceded by frequent disclaimers and words like "light rain fall during the daylight hours."

Hugs and happiness your sister in mud.

Theresa said...

We're building up our share of the boot sucking sludge here. The horse paddock is the worst. In the shade still two plus feet of snow though.

ellen abbott said...

yay, no ice! I've given up on two of my raised garden beds. would like to salvage the dirt though. not planting anything but tomatoes this year while I reconfigure. socializing is good. and try putting the cat in a pillowcase and tying off the end. that's what a vet I went to years ago suggested, it's cozy.

Rain said...

Hi Susan :)) I hope Slimmie is okay. When I stopped giving the furballs any type of grain they all stopped their occasional vomiting. Charlie and Jack can handle the occasional baked oatmeal but regularly they just get meat and veggies. I think grains are bad for EVERYONE! I'm jealous of your spring weather! We still have 20 feet of snow in the front and probably 6 feet in the back. When I walk in the back yard, I am eye-level with the robin's nest in the lilac tree and in the summer, we needed a small ladder to climb to see what was inside!

wyomingheart said...

Whoa Susan! It's a flurry at your house!!! say nothing of the coming weekend! We were just drying out on the ridge, and then today, its back to rain! I did get a chance to get the wild flower seeds planted on Monday, and am thankful its getting some H2O... I am happy hearing that you are getting out, seems like sometimes we can spend so much time alone, that we forget the art of communication. It's great, even if you are for comic relief, because we are all in need of much laughter in our lives. Good luck with Slimmie!

Retired Knitter said...

One thing just leads to another - over and over again. When that happens here, sometimes I just say - enough is enough and I sit down and knit! Ha!