Monday, June 10, 2019

The results are in.

Make lunar rhubarb cake
 Make granola

 Wash dogs
 Clean out cooler
 Clean off deck
 Visit parents
 Two grocery stores

 Home Depot
 Tractor supply
 Clean bathrooms

 Block sweater
 Summerize closet/wardrobe
 Clean winter shoes and put away
 Clean guest room

I believe I need a little more balance in my weekends.  (Mama Pea, would you come down and shake some sense into me?  Gently?)  I would have washed the dogs BUT, Mr. Fragile managed to hurt his back - again.  Has anyone been keeping track?  Is this the fifth time?  Tenth?  My neighbor had called and invited me to dinner and, being lured by the prospect of not having to cook, I said yes.  I had forgotten that he considers dinner to be the minute after the restaurant opens - which means I leave my door at 4P.  (4P, my dears, is when I start contemplating stopping my labors in the next hour or so, to be followed by a shower and a glass of wine, not necessarily in that order, with dinner following, vaguely at 8ish.)  This self-made pressure had me skipping Home Depot and vaulting home.  Even so, I only had 45 minutes to get the laundry off the line and get reasonably presentable.  I managed both, but decided to leave The Pat uncrated because I had crated and re-crated him twice and I felt a twinge.  Bad decision.  When I got home (by 5:37P - nothing like dinner out with an old guy.  You never have to worry about spending time on witty conversation - it's ordering as you're nearing the table, bing/bam/boom.  Out the door.) my Butter Pat was obviously very uncomfortable.  We are back to pain meds and crating.  At least I know the drill.  We've got a Thursday morning vet appointment - for something unrelated - so we will be refilling the doggie medicine cabinet.  Whoopee.

I will have to tally the bets - does swapping out my summer tees with my winter tees count as half a point? - and a big hug to you who actually thought I might come to my senses and have cocktails with my knitting or, at the very least, ignore most of my list.   I do have to tidy up the guest room, as my youngest sis is doing an over-nighter on Friday.  Her favorite pastime is cleaning surfaces, so I need to up my game.  At least for 12 hours.


jaz@octoberfarm said...

well, you still got a lot done! oh no...hope the pat feels better soon.

Ed said...

You got more done than I would have!

Susan said...

I do, too. Lovey misses her playmate.

Susan said...

That's just because you were spending so much time standing in lines!

Susan said...

Is this Tuesday? Are you messing with my mind? I analysed your list for days but as it turns out I would have been wrong although I did guess the dog washing would not get done. Very impressed with some of the guesses, so close.

Leigh said...

Ha ha on me, I guessed totally wrong! lol. No matter, you got some stuff done and that's what counts.

ellen abbott said...

you must have been slacking off since there are some un marked through items on that list. must have been because of the early dinner.

Shepherdess55 said...

Reading your list made me feel worn and tired. Reading your checked off list left me feeling slightly less worn and tired. You worked like a fiend to get so much done.

Mama Pea said...

Hey, I didn't do too badly with my guess of what you'd get done! I make lists like yours all the time but never get as many items crossed off as you do. Don't know how you do it, Sweezie!