Monday, June 24, 2019

Yes, this is all I have to show.

My lunch.
Saturday morning was spent at Express Care (Lyme's), herding cattle, battling migraines, picking up Roger, and hunting for my energy.  I have the sneaking suspicion that the Universe is getting tired of trying to get her point across, while I refuse to listen.  Pfft.

Another weekend lost to lack of energy.  I will have to say that that is my least favorite feeling.  It leaves (this) one with (mental) wheels spinning and stewing in frustration.  Which helps nothing and no one.  I have resigned myself to taking my doxycycline and being patient.  I seriously think that insects will take over the world within an alarmingly short period of time.  Adding insult to injury, doxycycline renders you super-sensitive to sun.  And guess what we had all weekend?  Yep. 
I did do some vacuuming, and managed a short visit with my parents after the EC visit.  I picked up quail eggs from Marianne and discovered their Highland cattle on the loose.  Luckily, her husband was home and we rounded them up between us.  It's rather intimidating, being faced with those hairy beasts, horns and all, armed with a stick - the only thing at hand at the time. 

I also picked up Roger.  Remember my reference to 'never say never'?  Well, our roosterless state lasted less than a month.  Friends of a friend needed to rehome a young RIR rooster and I, of the wet lettuce spine, said yes.  I picked him up Saturday, late afternoon, and integrated him into the coop when it was darkish.  One would think that he would be thrilled to be let out of the cat carrier, but that one would be wrong.  I could not get him out, even with shaking the carrier like a salt shaker.  I had to grope around in the dark and take the carrier apart.  However, all was quiet (except for crowing) in the morning and the mix was seamless.  He is quite handsome and seems very nice.  However, after my recent experiences (of the last four years), I am withholding judgement.  I was impressed that he refused to go in to roost until every last resident was inside.  The ducks gave him an extra dose of anxiety, as they are always the very last to go in - stretching it out until it is fairly dark.  Roger kept coming out and staring at them.  To no avail.  There is no hurrying ducks. 

Sunday was a repeat of Saturday, weather-wise.  Sun, of course.  It was all I could do to dart in and out, hanging up the laundry.  I was draped in netting, hats, veils, shirts, vestments, trailing about like a wraith.  Geez.  I did get my recycling to the transfer station; I did fertilize the tomato plants.  I did not much else.  Peanut spent some time in his brace - which he cannot get off, try as he might.  I gave them each a marrow bone and put them out on the deck on their beach blankets.  That bought me a lovely, restful period of about half an hour.  While I was pacing the floors, waiting for the miracle cure, I whipped up a batch of Chili Burgers from one of my Moosewood cookbooks - the one with fifteen sticky note bookmarks.  I believe it's their Low-Fat cookbook.  I will have to say they were and are delicious!  (See photo above). 

So, onward and upward.  I am most anxious to get my get-up-and-go back.  Hopefully, by the middle of the week, I should be feeling much better.  I have my yard sale coming up this coming Sunday and I'll be damned if I will continue this slogging around for much longer.  I've set up a makeshift table in the car port and I have been toting out objects every now and then.  This week I will spend time in every room until I have a nice, big pile.


jaz@octoberfarm said...

sounds to me like you have energy! i mean...cattle herding! i hope roger remains a nice guy!

ellen abbott said...

the body will insist if the mind ignores long enough. Roger sounds like a good boy.

Michelle said...

Oh Susan, not Lyme's! You cannot take off that tick collar!!! (Trotting off to see if that recipe is, indeed in the Lowfat cookbook; if so, I'm making it!)

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Be on your best behaviour, Roger! Ask the chickens what happened to the last roosters.

Mama Pea said...

Ya gotta take care of yourself, girlie, if you want to get over the effects of being sick! (Says one who becomes super ugly-bugly when feeling under the weather and refuses to lie down and rest. Pretend I didn't admit that.) I may have to round up all of your readers to come tie you down (you can give us orders from the couch) as I know that's the only possible way you will slow down. This upcoming garage/rummage sale you're planning is gonna require extra energy, I know, so please pace yourself or your body will MAKE you slow down.

Joanne Noragon said...

Perhaps the legal limit is one rooster.

Rain said...

I'm sorry you were in such bad shape Susan, but you still did a lot more than I did! Sometimes you have to force yourself to rest, says the pot calling the kettle black...I hope Roger fits in! Nice of you to take him in though :)

Lynne said...

The burgers look delicious. Hopefully, you finally have a good rooster who watches over everyone including the ducks!! take care with the lyme' Disease. Hopefully the antibiotics will help for a while. xo