Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Let's talk gardens.

Although all I did was mitch and boan (as Mama Pea would say) about our wet, cold spring, I could use some of the wet coldness right about now.  We transitioned right into a HOT, dry summer.  Well, humid, but no rain.  It has been dry as toast.  This morning was the first tiny bit of rainfall we have had in over 15 days.  And it is going to be raining off and on all day - halleluiah!

Looking toward the barn (notice the dying pines). 
Elderberry in the forefront, zukes left, then tomatoes, then
the Alley of Tires.

Weedy herb bed with Elderberries.

Weedy pepper bed.  (Notice the theme?)

Thank goodness for the kale!  Chard behind. 
In more ways than one.

Red noodle beans and yard long beans
on trellis (barely)

Bee balm gone wild!
We are slowly getting used to another person and dog in the house.  Luckily, Rosie is an easy house guest and we are very simpatico.  But I am not used to talking this much.  The dogs are trying to adjust to a sweet, furry bundle of nerves called Fae, and Slimmie is wondering why I hate him.  He comes out in the wee hours and we try to sneak in a cuddle while I'm knitting.  It is nice to have someone other than dogs to talk to, and we do have a lot to catch up on.  She is a freelance writer, so the set up is perfect - she can work from the dining room table and the dogs get company all day.

I am finally off doxycycline and should be able to brave the sun again - good thing.  The weeds are starting to look like they might be there to stay.  NOT.  Thanks to very little rain, growth is slow (except for the aforementioned weeds).  The tomatoes are starting to take off and there are quite a few green ones.  I just can't wait for the first ripe tomato!


Michelle said...

What is the variety at the front of your kale bed??? That looks like what was in Rick's "greens assortment" that I thought was kale at first, then decided it wasn't. It has heavy, slightly prickly leaves whereas all the other varieties of kale I've grown have smooth leaves, whether flat or crinkled/curly. FWIW, I think your garden looks great and puts mine to shame.

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Isn't it funny how weeds ALWAYS survive no matter what the conditions?

Kristina said...

Your garden is doing so good despite this year's struggles. We are still struggling and nothing is getting weeded. It's a total mess this year, but I do have tomatoes on. I just have to work very early in the day. We are gonna really heat up starting today.

Rain said...

I'm thinking the mot du jour is "weedy"? ;) I'm glad you don't have to take that medication anymore Susan. Your garden does look lovely, especially the bee balm! Alex is the only person in the world I think I could live with. Before him I was alone for 18 years and it still took me a lot to get used to talking that much too! :)

ellen abbott said...

your garden is beautiful. I was barely maintaining my tomatoes and fighting stink bugs but after the week in the hospital I abandoned the whole thing. I need to relocate my raised beds and start the fuck over. too many weeds and johnson grass to deal with where they are now. I don't socialize much either. last summer's three weeks in Portugal socializing and trying to be on my best behavior was emotionally draining.

jaz@octoberfarm said...

your garden looks so nice! i have the opposite problem. we have had so much rain that it has killed a lot of my plants. and the heat....ugh!!! my peppers are about the same size as when i planted them. however, my tomatoes and basil are loving this. the heat is rolling in starting tomorrow and i am not happy!

Mama Pea said...

Oh, the blossoms on that bee balm! Gorgeous. You may have a few weeds here and there, but also lots of green and growing stuff. After we got the inch of rain a couple of days ago, my plants shot up 6". No foolin', I believe they did. Here's hoping you get a good drenching soon!

My Lacinato kale got attacked by an army of what I think was flea beetles and became Lacinato Lace kale. I finally pulled it yesterday, but will give some more seeds a try.

Your temporary roommate sounds like the perfect one. (Does she have dinner ready when you arrive home at night?)

Leigh said...

Great news about the rain! Even with weeds your garden beds look good. I wish my bee balm looked like that! So nice that your new living arrangements are working out so well.

Joanne Noragon said...

Yes, your gardens are lovely. I do have great difficulty peering down to weeds. We had a long dry spell, but were drenched this week with inches of the current hurricane in the Gulf. I do hope all those elderflowers are destined to be elderberries, and not diverted into elderflower wine.

coffeeontheporchwithme said...

That's us, too. Hot and dry! It will start to sprinkle rain and I'll get all excited, then it stops. The bee balm is gorgeous - what do you use it for? Or is it just pretty? -Jenn

Ed said...

Your year's weather sounds like our thus far but instead of getting and all day gentle rain, we got monthly average in about 20 minutes! I'll take it though because it is better than before when we were getting nothing.

Nancy @ Little Homestead In Boise said...

How lush! Weeds here too, will tackle Sat. Green tomatoes here too.

Susan said...

I get talked out very easily, both brain and voice fade. On the other hand wonderful to have a full time dog companion. Your bee balm is so pretty, mine has not flowered yet. The intense heat we had in May has set everything back.

Casa Mariposa said...

I know the local pollinators are loving that monarda!! It looks beautiful!