Tuesday, October 19, 2021

It has been all "hurry up and wait!" around here.

 There have been times, recently, when I wonder how I managed to fit a full-time job into my life.  I guess the Universe doesn't like a gap, so fills every-single-one in, whether you like it or not.  A friend has had a rough patch and I have been shuttling her to various appointments.  And, since all of these appointments involved doctors, none of them were short.

Can you guess which of the waiting
rooms pictured above belonged
to the cosmetic surgeon??

Not shown is the parking lot of the vet's office, where I have had to pick up more pain meds for the boy.  And there is the fact that my mother has been in the hospital for the past two days - my sister, thankfully, does the waiting there.  AND since I have hired on to drive an elderly friend to Savannah, Slimmie's vertigo seems to be coming back and the mice have started emigrating back to their winter resort (Chez Moi).  I am a little angst-ridden because of the fact that I am hoping to break in a new house/farm sitter.  This is turning out to be a real rodeo around here.  If she makes it through all of the hefting of the sausage dog, pill giving, barf cleaning and the challenge of the indoor mouse population growth, I might be able to take a spin to SoPo...sylvie...  I will only be gone three and a half days, so I am hoping that no calamities will have time to foment.

In between my forays to medical professionals, I have managed to get three and a half raised beds weeded, garlic planted and mulched.  I still hope to weed the rest - the weeds were so bad (having gone to seed) that I am putting a layer of cardboard on most of them.  It will be a weedy spring.

Got weeds?

The slugs were having a kale
feast, little buggers.

Garlic planted.

Last week, there were some absolutely beautiful days.  I have started planting perennials that will attract pollinators.  There's nothing quite like working in the garden, along with the bees.

Busy bee

And look what I found!

I had picked up four zucchini seedlings shortly after my second hip replacement and had hobbled out to plant them in the only clear(ish) bed.  I wish I had written down the type of squash because that is all I want to grow from now on!  Even the ones that got away from me weren't all seedy.

Autumn has definitely arrived and it was a paler version than usual.  I think there was too much rain and have read of various creeping maladies that made trees just dry up and drop their leaves.  The last storm that went through pretty much stripped the rest.  I think that Autumn is my favorite season.  The air is clearer, light has a certain luminescence, the geese honk their way through the sky.


Happy fall, y'all!  I'll check in after my road trip.

P.S.  Mom is due home today - she was in for observation.  You can't be too careful with these 98 y/os. xo


Marcia LaRue said...

It's good to see an update from you! Have a safe little trip! Your furbabies will be happy to have you back home!

ellen abbott said...

I've turned into Granny's taxi service shuttling my granddaughter to work and home. food gardening is the stuff of dreams around here. and we finally had a coldish front move through on Saturday to break the heat but it's already warming up some. still those three days were gorgeous.

jaz@octoberfarm said...

98 years old! you sure have longevity in your genes. have a safe trip! i'll think of you while i am sitting here watching willie's leg heal.

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Enjoy your road trip!

Steve Reed said...

That cosmetic surgeon does have a very glitzy waiting room! LOL!

Yay for the persistent zucchini! said...

You are a busy one! It made me tired just hearing about it. I think the 2nd photo is the cosmetic surgeon but what do I know? You are so right about the "gap-filling" and the different light in the is beautiful. We have little color here....lots of Oak trees but there will be some toward the end of October which is our peak. God bless your Mom and I hope she is doing well. Mice are dangerous little creatures as they can pass disease and start fires...get rid of them in whatever way you can. Your zucchini is gorgeous evidently mine never got pollinated...I have 2 little ones now but they won't make it before the frost. YOur garlic patch and flowers look great and which one is Slimmie? I hope he feels better....vertigo is awful. Take care and stay safe!

Mama Pea said...

I was thinking about you earlier this morning! And thought about asking you how "retirement" is going now that you're free of that old hip(s) pain and able to go forth with a regular routine. Somehow I just knew that you would busier than ever when you didn't have a full-time, away from home job. This post proves just that without a doubt! Even though you're crazy busy, don't forget that having lots to do (but keep it below the anxiety/pressure level, please) and staying active is what keeps us going. (Says she who looks this morning a bit like something the cat dragged in.) Yep, gotta always keep a rein on staying below that anxiety level even when we're doing what we want to be doing. Right? Right! Hope all turns out well with your mom. Hugs.

Retired Knitter said...

What a beautiful fire place!!! I love fall.

Nancy @ Little Homestead In Boise said...

Yes I'm well aware of waiting for doctors! I actually worked in an internal medicine clinic for several years and they get to Yakking in the back and kind of forget to see their patients on time. Sorry doggies having such a tough time still! Zucchinis are definitely persistent we didn't have much this year for some reason but I think it was too hot and had a little too much they'd. Wish I had a fireplace! I had one years ago and it was so nice to have just a little fire on a cool and yucky evening. We're heading for four or five days of rain soon! Happy dance too dry here

Michelle said...

Oh my word, woman; you HAVE been busy! Last winter I visited a plastic surgeon's for my stepped-on leg; it looks elegant, expensive – and soft-porn-ish. Sheesh. Safe travels, and blog when you get back!

ErinFromIowa said...

Before frost, allow a zucchini go ripe as possible on the vine. Save the seeds. It might be an heirloom and will replicate. A fun experiment!

Joanne Noragon said...

Have a lovely, wonderful trip.

Rosalea said...

You are a busy lady! How is Peanut doing? Sure hope your house sitter works out and you can have a stress-free trip and visit.

Debby said...

Safe travels!