Sunday, October 31, 2021

Driving Ms. Z and a lot of etcetera,

After we strapped in and drove down the driveway, it was an adventure all the way.  Ms. Z, Max the Dog and I stopped at the local post office and...

Yes!  There was a heron, staring in at the PO door.  I tried for a better shot, but he/she was right in town and causing all kinds of looky-sees.  It was just magical!

We then headed SSE, then SSW, then SSE again.  The first day brought us through NY, PA and perilously close to Baltimore.  We found a Motel 6 in the hood that was pet-friendly and brought in the bare necessities for the night.  We also managed to find a good Japanese restaurant nearby.  Max, bless his heart, is not a barker.  I was lying in bed, thinking about how different it would be if Mr. P was there.  Someone would shoot my windows out, I'm sure.  The M6 was clean and reasonably quiet.  I didn't take pictures, since there was a good chance I'd be mistaken for an undercover cop.  Snort.

After Maryland, we ticked off a corner of WV, sliver of VA, whole big whack of NC and SC and then, finally, arrived in Savannah at 10PM.  It's been MANY years (decades?) since I drove that many miles.  As a matter of fact, it was brought home to me how long it's been since I've traveled at all (other than a delightful trip to Minnie Soda six, seven years ago?) when I opened my smaller duffel bag and discovered tampons, compass, cork screw, and screw driver inside.  At least I had been ready for everything, those eons ago.  Ms. Z is great company, and she entertained me with tales of NYC before art was a business, patriotic songs she had learned when she was a girl, verbatim ad jingles and more.  It was a blast!

Saturday we collapsed, unpacked, had a delightful visit with Z's southern friends, and got to glimpse tantalizing tangles of Southern Moss and live oaks.  Her house is delightful the the flora is exotic and lush.   We collapsed again and then I was off at the crap of dawn to the airport.  I won't name the airline, but it should really be called Sardinia Air.  I was picked up in Albany and then it was home, sweet home.  My house/animal sitter was great, so I am hoping that I will be able to go on more forays (SoPo) in the near future.  I will also revisit Savannah and Ms. Z in the daylight.  It looks like a beautiful place.

The new screened-in porch, Max-approved 
and guarded.


Live oak!

More moss!


Mom was back in the hospital just before I left and still there when I got back.  She was moved to a rehab center near her doctor (whom she's never met - this makes doctor no. 3/4) and my sister and I went to see her on Tuesday.  I know that there need to be strict protocols due to Covid, but geezelouise.  There is no phone in her room - which is not a huge problem, as she does not have her hearing aids - we can only see her once a WEEK and we have to make an appointment to do that.  Our 'meetings' are limited to 15 minutes and are attended by a rehab center staff.  Trying to get information or talk to a person has proven to be very frustrating.  We are lucky enough to have a connection to someone who works there, which allowed me to talk to mom last night via the friend's cell phone.  We have an 'appointment' to see her again on Monday afternoon and we hope to break her out of there.

Back on the home front, I have been working on cleaning up the garden.  I ended up selling all the stuffies I had knit that were in the salon gift shop and they are clamoring for more.  Oy.  I am trying to get four done by the end of next week and that will have to do.  I have holiday knitting looming.  While I was inside, furiously knitting stuffie parts, my dear neighbor came by to help prepare for winter.  He, apparently, comes from the school of Torched Earth Landscaping.  My lingonberry bushes have disappeared.  

I am not sure if Peanut is still recovering or if he's hit his stride in high drama mode.  I am still hoisting him up the steps and into the house.  Slimmie got a new self-heating bed and we haven't seen much of him lately.  My chickens have ceased laying eggs so are now officially classified as freeloaders.  Some good news - my barn has been filled with hay!  Once again, my wonderful farmer neighbor has packed the barn for winter with lovely second cut hay.  At $2.50/bale.  Shhhhh.  Don't spread it around....  This is much appreciated by my ancient llama, who is down to two teeth.  And by me.

I started two fermentations this year - carrots and ginger, and curry kraut.  The carrots need more time, but I have to say that the curry kraut is now my favorite!

Lastly - for now - I have started up my bread run again.  I flounced into Perrecas and just inhaled.  Then I hyperventilated my way to M's store, making sure the windows were up so that I wouldn't miss an iota of warm bread aroma.  Heaven (and hell, to be honest).  On my maiden drive, I was reminded that I needed all my senses on high alert.  There were deer, school buses, heavy fog, and lunatics behind the wheel.  Ah, Autumn.


Debra She Who Seeks said...

You have been one busy gal! Glad you enjoyed your trip!

jaz@octoberfarm said...

you are a whirlwind! happy halloween!!!

ellen abbott said...

Nice to hear you're still lazing around watching soap operas and eating bon bons.

Hummingbird said...

Being able to have visitors for only 15 minutes a week and those "meetings" must be supervised? Ridiculous and in my opinion, abusive! How is someone supposed to heal and get better if they are depressed and feel abandoned?

Goatldi said...


I never think about the fact that there are other areas of this country that have what we have. We have Live Oak‘s where I am now I did not have live oaks where I lived before I had two other varieties so I cannot think of either of them at the moment that’s OK. But it looks like you did great had a great time seems like everything is going smoothly good for you. And I do envy you your fermentation nation!

Florida Farm Girl said...

Oh I'm so happy to see you so happy and busy. Hope Mom gets sprung soon and recuperates nicely.

Michelle said...

I think I could only do a bread run like that if bribed by a warm pastry. Otherwise, chunks would be missing from a few loaves!

Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

Wow, you have been busy for sure. Great price on the hay. You reminded me I need to re-stock my straw soon.

Susan said...

I hope you get your Mom released. Visiting Savannah is on my bucket list.

tpals said...

I don't know how to react to this roller coaster of a post. Please keep us informed about your mother. Lovely hay.

Ed said...

I love a good road trip for some reason.

I have a grandmother who spent the bulk of Covid in a assisted living unit. I feel like that situation robbed us of a year and a half of what life she has left. She ended up moving out and is living with my uncle now which has worked out well for me. I'm not so sure about my uncle.

Debby said...

The road trip sounds like an adventure.

I'm just going to say something that would bother the shit out of me. The fact that you can only meet with your mom for 15 minutes a week and that meeting is attended by rehab staff? WTH. That sounds like an abusive relationship. And I don't see how having or not having a phone has one thing to do with covid protocols.

If I have spouted off inappropriately, I apologize. I have a history of this.

Rosalea said...

Sounds like a wonderful adventure and good to hear you are back out and about.. So glad everything went well at home while you were away. Hope you had a successful "break out".

Nancy In Boise said...

Nice to travel! We had a third grandchild arrived not too long ago and ironically they just asked me who I was and let me into the maternity wing. There was no checking my forehead or asking me if I had any symptoms or if I traveled at cetera, so I just walked into where all the new moms and babies were with my mask on and that was it. I was pretty surprised! But all your Critters are doing well and you got some hay too

Nancy In Boise said...

Well I always wanted to go to Savannah! Sounds like a gorgeous area. Getting squashed in the airline does not sound like any fun to me anymore not that it ever was! Nothing like the smell of fresh bread in the morning or the afternoon or tonight!