Thursday, April 22, 2010

The Scariest Word in a Homesteader's Vocabulary

Surgery. I don't think there is a word that strikes more fear into the heart of a single homesteader than 'surgery'. First, you go into denial - "But I CANNOT have surgery. Who will feed the sheep? I haven't cleaned out the chicken coop yet!" Then you panic. Then you start to make lists. What can you do ahead of time to make taking care of the million things you do each day easier? Forget all the projects that you have lined up. Once again, they are pushed to the bottom of your new list. Since I am having surgery to repair my left rotator cuff, this means that, while I'm mobile, I only will have the use of one hand/arm. That means opening my gates will be difficult, my method of feeding the sheep and llama will have to change. And I have to dig all those damn holes and plant my trees before May 5. It pays to think creatively and to break each task down into its simplest form. I have to get hay in and stacked where I can easily cut the baling twine with one hand. I have to set up a new feeding trough (will make this weekend) inside the fence so I can pour grain from the outside - Juno may be small, but she's a steamroller when it comes to food. I'll have to keep a bag of grain in the house, so I don't have to open gates and pry off lids. Etc. And, of course, this is where having great friends and neighbors becomes about the most important asset you can have as a single homesteader. For that, I am very grateful. Amen.
(Did you notice that I have a 'happy' picture instead of storm clouds looming over dark water? I'm being positive. I am positive that the next six week are going to stink.)


melanie said...

Madison and I are digging those holes on Sunday after the swap. Be sure to mark them, or we may just dig a few too many! All we ask is a cold Diet Pepsi before heading off to Jordan's...

Susan said...

You two are too sweet for words! One of my neighbors beat you to it -- two plum trees, three willow bushes and two forsythias planted, two lilacs moved. And three small ratty trees cut down. Hooha! Now we can concentrate on the swap - and Jordan's lovely place.