Monday, April 19, 2010

Selective Amnesia

I was completely, thoroughly, honestly caught off-guard by this email in my inbox this morning:

Quantity Product ID Description
-------- ---------------- -------------------------------------------------------------
1 1170 Free Gift
2 8362 Earliblue Prune-Plum Dwarf

If you have any questions or concerns please contact us at 1-800-325-4180. Thank you.
Do I have questions and concerns? You betcha! Like: What the heck was I thinking last January, sitting in the winter gloom; just me, my coffee and my Stark catalog? Concerns? Yep. How the heck am I going to squeeze in digging two large holes in my hard-pack, rock-ridden yard this week? And just what is this free gift - another thing to plant?

There is another little prickle of memory surfacing now -- it is composed of blueberry bushes and lingonberries.....


melanie said...

I have an iron bar that's great for digging up rocks...if you want to borrow. Can bring it on Sunday and help after the swap?

Susan said...

Hey, I have one of those! I think I bought it for a dollar at a tag sale. Thank you for reminding me ... one hole down and six to go!