Sunday, May 30, 2010

We've Got Bees!!!!

I sold my bees last year because the hive had become incredibly 'healthy'.  That's usually a good thing, as it means there were thousands and thousands of bees.  But these were not nice bees - they were small, hard working and mean.  I had reached the point where I had to either split the hive or do something else.  I called in the Bee Guy.  I have never met anyone with such knowledge of and such an affinity for bees.  He is very generous with his time, too.  We bartered and he left with the hive, and I got 30 bales of hay and the promise of a new hive in the spring.  Saturday, the Bee Guy arrived with an entire hive to install into my shiny new hive with it's gorgeous copper roof.  My friend, Linda, came to watch and take mental notes because she is interested in beekeeping as well.  What a difference!  Even with all of the shifting and bumping and noise, even with being brushed and smoked, these bees were pretty darned calm.  The only one who got stung was Linda (who bravely decided that it was no big deal), and the Bee Guy didn't even wear gloves.  I watched them this morning as they spiraled up into the sunlight, getting the lay of the land and scoping out all the pollen and nectar opportunities.  It is so nice to have bees on the homestead again.

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