Thursday, August 5, 2010

And there was peace. In the nesting boxes.

Dottie the Muscovy duck apparently decided she WAS a chicken.  And a very broody chicken at that.  She has been wedged into one of three favorite nesting boxes for months.  And that sets off broodiness in Marie Claire, who needs very little encouragement, and Crazy Lady Hen, who suffers from symbiotic broodiness with Dottie.  CLH feels compelled to wedge herself into the already tight quarters with the nutty duck (that's her fluffy butt in the picture).  This, not surprisingly, causes all kinds of problems with chickens, egg laying, other duck relationships, and my nerves.  Every morning I have to pry Dottie (and Crazy Lady Hen) out of a nesting box.  Then I remove Marie-Claire, then the drake chases Dottie all over the yard, CLH runs around all fluffed up, which sets off Marie-Claire, which sets off Junior the rooster, and on and on it goes.
  Out of desperation, I ran an ad in craigslist trying to find a home for Dottie.  Lo and behold, there was someone who could not live without her.  She has gone off to Connecticut to live in an all-duck family.  I hope she can be rehabilitated.  And I hope the estrogen level drops in my chicken yard.

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Mama Pea said...

Sounded a bit like you had a real three ring circus going there.

(It's always difficult for females to get along.) ;o)