Tuesday, August 24, 2010

I am a victim!

Of an intentional act of kindness!!!  I had hoped that this week would be a gentler week.  However, after a day and night of gale-force winds, my power went off yesterday morning.  The upside of this was that I got to use my neighbor's shower (her bathroom is tiled in marble, light and airy, with big fluffy towels and all kinds of amazingly good smelling bath things -- the polar opposite of mine).  The same winds knocked my hay feeder over and caused other mischief.  The week was not looking good.  Then I came home and found my mailbox empty.  This means that I have a package too large for the box.  Don, my mail-guy, then puts my mail on the driver's side of my truck.  There was a box on the seat.  I wasn't expecting a box.  The box was from MN and contained a lovely tin of the most amazing chocolate chip pecan cookies I have ever eaten!  From Mama Pea!!!!!!!!  It was so wonderful that I cried.  I now feel confident that I can survive to can another day. 
     Speaking of canning (were we?) my canning/putting by accomplishments so far:  tomato sauce, raw packed tomatoes, enough pickles to safely carry me through 2015 and beyond, vanilla peach sauce, peach pit jelly, jalapeno jelly, peach salsa, blueberry jam/sauce, dried tomatoes, dried mushrooms, dried currants, dried zucchini chips.  Coming up - more tomato sauce, pear butter, apple herb jelly, apple sauce, apple peel jelly.  I was hoping to do some green beans, but my plants did not assist me.  I would also like to can some corn, as last years was waaaay delicious.  Of course, I still have produce canned from the past three years.  I may be a candidate for an intervention.

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