Monday, January 3, 2011


As close as I can tell, there are two camps on the Rezolution field.  There are the, "I will make many, many resolutions.  I am bound to keep at least a couple, so therefore it won't be a total waste of my time".  Then there are the, "I will carefully determine which three resolutions I feel are the most important to the advancement of myself as a finer human being.  Then I will keep every last one of them, so help me gawd."  No surprise, I tend to be in the former camp.  I would love to be a sincere, focused person who can list my resolutions and stick to them but, although I am sincere in my wish to stick to my resolutions, I have feet of clay.

I did distill all 500 of my resolutions into a theme this year.  I may even print a t-shirt.  "I resolve to be a kinder, gentler person - to myself and to everything and everyone around me."  I have nudged past the guilt of being nicer to myself and am working hard on happy feelings.  And I have to tell you, it feels awfully good.  I sweet-talked the bunnies this morning and, although there didn't seem to be much appreciation for the kinder, gentler me in the rabbit shed, you never can tell with rabbits.  The ducks were very happy that I took the time to fill their bathtub.  Scrappy thought I should have given him both of the rawhide chews, as he needed more kinder, gentler treatment than Bernie.  The kittens seem suspicious of the new me.

I will have to say that I feel better-able to keep my resolution this year.  I'm not sure why - is the air more rarefied?  Has growing another year older mellowed the old dame?  Who knows -- but I think it's time for a kinder, gentler resolution.  Don't you?


Mama Pea said...

It IS time for a kinder, gentler resolution. Yes, yes, yes. For sure. I am now going to go stretch out on my comfy bed and read for a few minutes. And if I should fall asleep . . .

Omigawd! The world will come to an end! I have so much work to do toady, I couldn't possibly do that. It's 2:10 already and I still have breakfast and lunch dirty dishes sitting by the sink! I have ironing to do, and a pound of ground beef in the refrig that is going to have to go to the dog if I don't use it today. And, and, and!

See what my problem is? But I'm fighting it, I really am. Thinking about learning how to relax every moment of the day. With a little hand holding support, I may make some needed progress. I hope. I'm workin' on it.

Susan said...

Mama Pea, it is so difficult to un-learn, isn't it? I have so many "rules" ingrained into my very essence that it's a battle to gain an inch of ground. We can virtually hand-hold and boost each other's little steps toward freedom!

Sue said...

500 resolutions??? And you got them down to ONE?
I love it. And you picked a good one. Age doesn't mellow one, though. I think after a bit, maybe we realize it just taint' worth it!
Good luck on your resolution. If you want any more, just let me know. I have spares!

The Apple Pie Gal said...

I love how you described your furry friends reaction to you! LOL!

Well I think this sounds just wonderful! Sometimes being kinder to ourselves is the hardest thing to do! But if you don't take care of YOU...well then nothing gets done.

One thing at a time. That's all you should demand of yourself.

melanie said...

THINK GOOD THOUGHTS. Words become actions. Actions become habits. Habits become character. Character becomes Destiny.

Susan said...

Sue - of COURSE I will let you know if I need an extra resolution or 12....hehe

APG - I am sure my friends and family think I spend too much time with my furry friends. But they all happen to have tons of personality. I swear!

Melanie - I like the train of thought. I find it surprising how difficult it is to think good thoughts. I have grown up to be a cynic!

Erin said...

Just catching up - WOW the snow! I am officially challenging Chicken Mama to use the cheese book and do a "cheesy post"!! I have yet to look back at last year's resolutions and create the new list, I'm slowly writing them on a post-it note in between laundry loads today LOL!