Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Squash Storage and Snow Days.

Not that one has anything to do with the other....I am sitting at my computer, listening to the sleet hit the window.  We got about three inches of snow and now it's a sleety/freezing rain/snow mix.  The Alert Call from the office came in at a decent hour (around 8am ish) and the office is closed due to the weather.  This is both cause for joy and stress.  Joy - I don't relish going over the mountain in this weather; Stress - I have some unfiled lobbying reports and the deadline is today.  The good news is that they can be filed electronically, so all is not lost.

Now, let's get to the issue of squash storage.  I have very limited storage options.  I have no garage, no attic, no basement.  I have a laundry room that serves as feed storage, tool storage, electronics storage, freezer space, canning storage, and laundry room.  It is so bad that I wouldn't let a relative see it.  It is on my list to sort out.  So, what to do with all of the winter squash, potatoes and garlic?  I use my guest room closet as my root cellar.  I don't often have overnight guests, so I keep the heat turned off in the room.  The closet is dark, cool and dry, and it seems to work wonderfully for all of the above.  Yet, when I went to fetch a triamble squash (seeds thanks to Novella at Ghost Town Farm), of the four I managed to raise, three were perfect and one was, well, let's be kind and say "not perfect".  It was ROTTEN.  Nothing else surrounding it had been tainted.  Just this one squash.  And it was rotten through - kaput.  I am really a novice at this - anyone have an idea/opinion as to what happened?


Mama Pea said...

If the kaput squash had a bad bump, bruise, or blemish on it when it was harvested that would cause it to rot. Even a little spot where an insect had chewed a small hole in it would do the same thing. Sounds like you make maximum use of the "storage" space you do have.

Glad you don't have to go and drive in your ugly-bugly weather. I'll take a heap of snow any day over icy stuff! Enjoy your day.

Sue said...

I was going to say the same thing, but Mama Pea covered it so well. It can be just something as tiny as a nibble or a bump and then it rots.

Enjoy the day!

The Apple Pie Gal said...

Ice our way too. Sirens just ran up the road! FedEx truck went in the ditch!

Can't help you with the squash issue, but as for using your what ya gotta do!!

Erin said...

Yep, I wouldn't worry too much, it probably had a bruise or something. My grandma always used a closet in a spare room too! She used to hide all her Christmas baking stash in there in containers to keep fresh for when company came.... LOL I always knew where to go!

Susan said...

I'll have to check them more closely! It is quite a surprise when someone wants to hang something up in the closet - I have bags of garlic on hangers and tubs full of squash! Erin, maybe I should hide my holiday baking from myself ... ha!

2 Tramps said...

Oh, my, I think I had better go check the squash! Have been giving all my attention to the tomatoes we are still eating - some have been very good keepers, ripening slowly in the garage on their now crunchy vines.

Amy Dingmann said...

Glad that you are safe and warm in your house, even if you don't have a lot of storage space. Good for you for using what you have! A guest room is just as good for storage as anything else. :) Around our place, sometimes we'd rather have the food in storage than the guests that would use the room anyway. ;)

Susan said...

2 Tramps - you are still eating your own tomatoes??? I am green/red with envy! This time of year, I would commit heinous crimes for a homegrown tomato.

MamaTea - may still be home today as the roads are covered with ice and it's snowing again. Not a great mix for driving. Yes - I was thinking of covering the guest bed with butternut squash as a deterrent..;0)

Tiggeriffic said...

Just wondering if you have a attic? It would also be wonderful if you had those colapsible stairs that came down from the ceiling that goes to the attic.. She only keeps them here until the weather warms up..
A neighbor here in Iowa,, she uses her attic for her storage of squash, potatoes, onions, garlic ect. If you have the above items that might be a good place for storage for your things..
have a great day..ta ta for now from Iowa