Saturday, January 29, 2011

Shocking True Confession!

Tonight I am going to bed with Mark Twain and Sweet Lucy.  I don't care, hear me?  I just don't care what y'all think.  Sorry.  I think the winter is getting to me -- and this day sure has.  I left the house at 9 a.m., returned at 3 p.m., and didn't get inside to sit down until 5 p.m.  I went to Fedex in Pittsfield, MA to pick up my new phone, then headed north to Lanesboro, MA to pick up 200 lbs of poultry feed and 30 lbs of cat food, then north to Bennington, VT to have lunch with my parents and help my dad (as in he supervised, I hefted) put 140 lbs of sand bags into the back of his pick up truck, then to another feed store for a 33 lb sheep block and 50 lb kelp, then drop of cat food at neighbor's, then home.  Then unload all of the above and distribute it here and there.  Yeegads, my weekends are becoming more work than my weekdays!

So, I figure I deserve going to bed with Mark Twain and Sweet Lucy.  This tome was a Christmas gift from M, I am so thrilled!  Mark Twain is one of my all-time favorite writers.  And Sweet Lucy (I only am imbibing that wee dram in the glass - but the bottle is so pretty I had to include it) is a bourbon-based liquor that a friend gets in a small town in Tennessee.  It's a family run business that hand makes and bottles small amounts of amazingly delicious alcoholly things.  I ration it out over the winter.

So, goodnight, dear readers, wherever you are!  Sweet dreams to you all.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like a wonderful evening! My 1 hour of helping a friend empty a storage shed turned into 5 hours... I may have to follow your example!

Mama Pea said...

You shoulda/coulda titled your post "Menage a Trois." That would have gotten you a lot more hits. Oh wait. Maybe the kind of hits you wouldn't want to get. Forget it. Just have a wonderful evening with Mark Twain and Sweet Lucy and let it go at that. ;o)

Erin said...

That IS a lot of work for the weekend - hope you enjoyed Mark & Lucy... you earned it!

Jane @ Hard Work Homestead said...

What ever you need to do to get through this winter, by all means do it. I myself, feel a little like Jack in the Shinning. Just a few more weeks.

The Apple Pie Gal said...

Susan...don't ever listen to MamaPea!!! Oh my gosh you'd have hits galore but maybe some weirdo's too! Laughed real hard on that one! terrible... :)

I think your evening sounds wonderful especially after back breaking work! That's alot of stuff to be hefting here and there!

Hope Mark and Lucy was realllll good! :)