Thursday, May 31, 2012

Part Two: What else I did on my vacation.

I tell you, I have never had that many days off in succession.  I can see why - I didn't want to go back!  Besides the gardening, cooping, watering, cleaning that I related in my last post, I also replaced my front storm door, re-homed numerous possessions via Freecycle, cleaned most of my deck, and built (or, adapted) a trellis for my exuberant hops vine. 
Repurposed Victorian screen door.

I cleaned up piles of stuff, moved more piles of stuff, weeded, had a nice late-birthday-brunch with Sylvie, and ventured into Mall-ville.   A trip to hell from which I am still recovering.  I think I go once a year.  I may change that to once a century.

Calendula coming up.

Nothing like llama beans for growing garlic

Strawberry bed - de-Bernie-ized

The flower bed.  Also known as the Wild Thang.
Remember my nice rain barrel?  This is how it looked (after I righted it) in the aftermath of Tuesday's severe thunderstorms - with much rain (now lost), wind and lightning.
Obviously, there are some flaws with the design.
Remind me to quite griping about the weather.  It always comes back to bite me in the hiney.  Tuesday morning, my first day back to work, it got up to 97 degrees!  We were then hit with a series of severe thunderstorms that ripped tarps down, knocked my less-than-perfectly-designed rain barrel over, flattened fields, and flooded roads.  I managed to leave a little early and got home just as the second round hit - in time to let poor Bernie under my bed and rachet down a few things.  I mean, really.  Is so much extreme weather really necessary?  Is it too much to ask to just get a nice rainfall?  Apparently so.  Another storm came through yesterday, but today is lovely.  I managed to put in my little sunflower and morning glory seedlings and erect a temporary fence around them.  I doubt if that will ward off the entire population of East Coast chipmunks, which I appear to be supporting.  Along with the (ick, ick, icks). 


Charade said...

Looks like you had a productive and rewarding vacation. Love your garlic. I'm ready to harvest my tiny test patch of it, and wishing I had put in as much as you did.

Jane @ Hard Work Homestead said...

I have way more chipmunks than normal too. I blame that on the missing black snake. Where is he? I was just thinking the same thing about storms. Where have the nice summer rainy days gone? I can not even remember when we had just 'a rainy day'. Every thing is either a severe storm or as of late, no rain for 3 weeks. What is up with that?

Michelle said...

I love the use of the door to make your trellis. Hopefully you won't have any more bad weather.

Candy C. said...

I LOVE your repurposed screen door trellis! It seems the longer I live in the country, the less I like to go "malling." I used to like to go just to people watch at Christmas, not so much anymore. ;-)

Leigh said...

Wow! You were fantastically productive! Love the trellis. Very clever.

Mama Pea said...

Wow, you've gotta feel good about all you got done. Love the screen door trellis and, oh my, what lovely garlic you have! Good time of year to take some time off from vocational work to get lotsa work done on the homestead. I bet all the animals were very sad to see you go back to work away from home. :o(

Sandy Livesay said...

The is nothing better than taking a vacation to get things done around the house, garden and property. Chipmunks are just as bad as squirrels. Be careful, my squirrels loved the strawberries.
Do you have a nylon rain barrel?

Sylvie said...

LOVE the Victorian trellis!

Susan said...

Charade - I seem to grow more every year. This year I am growing some for my sister, as well.

Jane - I really do think I have most of the Atlantic States' quota of chipmunks. All sleek and fat, thanks to unlimited amounts of poultry feed.

Michelle - Yesterday and today are beautiful. The weekend? You guessed it - rain every day.

Candy - I find it unnerving to be surrounded by so much concrete. And polyester.

Leigh - My hops vine seems to be 'taking' to it. It should add a nice bit of shade as well.

Susan said...

Mama Pea - I am a real advocate of llama beans in the garlic bed! It WAS good to be able to get so much done. Althoug, as you well know, it's never enough. I don't think the furries even noticed, quite frankly. They spend most of the day lounging.

Susan said...

Sandy - I know! I have been keeping a close eye on the strawberries - but they seem (so far) to prefer the molasses mix poultry feed. Yes, it's a great idea, this nylon rain barrel, but I am afraid not as practical as I had hoped. I am adding rebar around the perimeter to help stabilize it.

Sylvie - Thanks to you!

Erin said...

Love the trellis!! Our hops vines are on a 15 ft trellis and still spill over the top, exuberant indeed LOL!