Monday, August 18, 2014

We Loves Our Zucchini and Putting on the Squeeze.

I've been experiencing a sort of debilitating shock every weekend lately.  It happens when I get up in the morning, have my coffee and look at my list.  I freeze up.  Of course, some of that might have to do with the fact that it has not been over 50 degrees for the past five mornings.  I mean...

But mostly it has to do with the fact that I have had to try and squeeze two-days worth of work into one.  This is causing my frazzled brain to shut down and I sit, unmoving, unable to process it all.  Eventually, I can nudge myself into action, but I lose valuable time and it makes it even worse on Monday.  Sigh.  Not much I can do about it for a few more weekends.  It is what it is.  This Saturday was my dad's birthday (92!!) and I schlepped the granddogs north where we bustled around and grilled up his favorite - steaks - with fresh corn on the cob, a kale salad and doubly triple chocolate ice cream.  The kids were well behaved and Lovey was so relieved that she wasn't left behind, that she conked out on the way home and continued her snoring on the sofa.  As a matter of fact, they were all out cold.  It was very nice.

Sunday, after I managed to goad myself into action after six times my usual daily dosage of caffeine, I tackled the garden a bit, worked in the poultry yard and spent a delightful half hour with my friend, AnnMarie.  She is the Florence Nightingale of all things goats - getting dragged from bed in the wee hours to help with a difficult birth, an emergency.  She is something else.  She was the midwife for Sage and has provided Chickie with a wonderful home.  She is a bit of amazing and it is always so much fun to spend time with her.

I cleaned up the garlic that has been curing in the barn and it was a fair harvest.  The heads were a little smaller than last year, but last year I left them in the ground too long.  This year looks better.  I also stuffed two of my three (if I am lucky, there will be one more...) round zucchinis and made some zucchini fritters with zucchinis donated by my neighbor.  I absolutely love zucchini fritters - these were made with fresh corn, as I had two ears in the fridge.  I have them for dinner, I have them for breakfast (nothing like them topped with an easy-over or poached egg).  I am having them for lunch!


Down to garlic business.


My tomato plants are in a sorry state, and I have been pulling any tomatoes off that are on their way toward ripeness.  The cherry tomato plant is in much better shape.  Peppers are growing, but not close to ripeness.  The beans are gone - plants donated to the sheep, who love them.  I am still getting 3-4 large cukes every other day. 

I harvested potatoes out of the potato bags (bintjes) and out of one tire planter.  The number and size were a little disappointing, but I think I need to water them more.  The bag allows a lot of moisture to evaporate and the smaller bag planter did better because it was tucked between a raised bed and a tire planter.  I learn something every year.  I learn many somethings every year.

P.S.  A series of giveaways is coming up...stay tuned....


  1. I don't know, kiddo. You work away from home 5 days a week so have only weekends to do all that needs to be done on the homestead. And most weekends you give up one day to go see/care for your folks. But you still get so much done. I DON'T KNOW HOW YOU DO IT!

    1. Mama Pea - But, but, I NEED to do more! It's either that or I rent out my spare room to a wwoofer. That's not a bad idea, actually. However, all I really need are a couple of 'free' weekends and a couple more staycations. Honest.

  2. Replies
    1. Jaz - Oh, they are. And I should know, having now had them for dinner twice, breakfast twice, and lunch twice.

  3. Agree with Mama Pea. Also, NOW I know what my round zucchini were designed for; thank-you!

    1. Michelle - These were filled with a meat-based stuffing, but I have a rice and vege stuffing that I'm trying next. Because I HAVE vegetables. Tons. How rich we are!

  4. So now I know what I'm going to do with those round zuke seeds somebody gave me! I planted them just a few days ago for the Fall Garden so I won't be stuff'n them until the end of October, but I can wait. Assuming your zucchini fritter recipe is gluten free? I have a recipe I adore, but I also have a gluten-free friend so if you wouldn't mind sharing the recipe I can then share it with her (and do a taste test, of course).
    PS - When Moonshine was still around, I had to wear earplugs at night because she snored so stinking loud. Amazing the noises that came out of something so small.

    1. Carolyn - I really like the round zukes, although I have a handy little zucchini corer (doesn't everyone?) that I am dying to try on a regular one. I will email the GF fritter recipe, although it's pretty simple - you just take your regular one and replace regular flour with GF flour mix.
      PS - Being small does not mean that everything that comes out of them is likewise small. Pepper has the most amazing, overwhelming dog farts of any dog of any size I have every had. Good god.

  5. Susan,

    The fried zucchini fritters look might delicious! I haven't thought about making fritters, I must try this one day.

    We try to take the dog with us on every outing, or trip.......our dog is extremely spoiled. Were looking for a companion for our dog again.

  6. Tasty looking fritters! Amazing that your dad is 92!