Monday, August 25, 2014

Weekend Adventures and Winners!

It seems like I time-warped through the weekend, there was so much going on. Firstly, I came home to a new, expanded and improved driveway! (Pictures tomorrow) I feel a bit better about accepting this 'service' from my neighbor, as it seems he has done the same or similar for other neighbors. I am, however, going to slip a dozen eggs into their mailbox every week. It will slightly ease my conscience.

Saturday morning I arose at my usual o'dark thirty so that I could bake for the local library's book and bake sale. I have been dying to try a recipe for Lemon Blueberry Bread (GF). It smelled heavenly and I figured it would be a good seller. When I came in from morning chores, I discovered that it must have tasted wonderful - someone had taken a HUGE bite out of the middle of it. After emitting a screech that would set off car alarms, should I still live in Brooklyn, I stormed into the living room and easily spotted the culprit. Lovey sat, looking at everything and everyone but me, with blue crumbs stuck to her nose and muzzle. It was so hysterical that I had to laugh. Then I put her in her crate. I had just enough time to whip up a GF Lemon Glazed Zucchini Bread, although it went to the sale still warmish in its plastic cocoon. I hope it didn't turn into a sodden mess. I dropped off my recyclables and made it home in time to work on the garden, run the vacuum, peel back the tarp over the nuggets (no rain predicted for a few days - hallelujah!) so I can dry it out a bit. I picked up feed, paid a short visit to a friend, came home and unloaded the car and cleaned as much of the dog hair I could out of it. Then it was off to the city to pick up my aunt and uncle, flying in from Arizona to visit my folks. I discovered that most of the heavy-duty construction is done on weekends. Thank goodness I gave myself an extra half-hour, because I needed every minute. Their plane arrived early! Then I schlepped them to Vermont, dropped them off, got their luggage inside, said "have fun" and drove home.

Sunday was more garden work - I decided to turn the failed strawberry bed that lines the front walk into a flower bed. This meant ripping out all the strawberry plants and transplanting my bee balm. I have to build up the bed, so I rummaged around and found a 4x4 and a pile of bricks and got it half done. No one can accuse me of being a dead ringer for "Martha". It's Hillbilly All The Way! I got the laundry on the line and then met a friend for more blueberry picking. Technically, I did not NEED more blueberries. But I am not one to turn down free food and spending time talking with someone not on four feet. I got back in time to throw a roaster pan full of tomatoes and basil into the oven, then my friend Lisa came over to get wood chips. We had a delightful, but short, visit, and I started on the sheep and llama area. Got everything raked and shoveled 9 - five gallon buckets o' beans for future use. I also forked a pile of composted hay/manure around the bare roots of the big fir tree that is next to their barn. If I keep them in this area for winter, I will have to wrap the trunk with chicken wire. A sheep can de-bark a tree in a nanosecond.

I then stopped. Except for chores.

Cooking-wise, I made a Gluten Free Tabbouleh Salad that was/is delish! I also defrosted some cooked chicken and made chicken fried rice, having discovered a container of cooked rice that needed dealing with. For dinner, I made a light Tomato Basil Cheese Quiche that was really good! My lunches are set for the week.

And now that you have read through this entire rambling post - I will show mercy....the winners of the giveaway!

Book #1 - Most popular by far - goes to MAMA PEA! I have your address, so will pop it in the mail this week.

Book #2 - NANCY PO will soon be a goat expert! Please email your mailing address to me.

Book #3 - Some thoughtful reading will be had by -- JOY! Please email your mailing address to me (swomersley at gmail dot com)

Book #4 - A little Italian gardening will be done by SUE O! Disclosure here. The cats, bless their hearts, knocked over my vase of sunflowers and it dampened the back part of the book - it did not destroy the text, but the pages will be wrinkly. If you would rather not accept it, that is fine. If you still would like it, I will mail it as soon as it dries thoroughly. Please email your mailing address or let me know, either way.

Thanks, everyone, for participating! The next giveaway will most likely involve cats....
(KIDDING, Carolyn....I think....)


Susan said...

Guilty dogs are hilarious. Our cat grazed the top off the Christmas cake one year. Fortunately with solid fruitcake repairing is pretty much the same as mending a brick wall. Glad you found time to connect with friends during your busy weekend.

Carolyn said...

OMG, you REALLY need to get that camera going, I sooooo wanted to see a pic of the guilty pooch!
As for the winners, Yippee!! Although I wonder, did you warn Nancy Po about goats or are you going to just send her the goat book & say, see ya later, sucker! ?

Cats? Cat books? Did you say CAT books?! Don't try bribing Black Susan for preferential treatment in my giveaway, she's so hot that she's taken over the A/C vent and oblivious to anything other than the coolness of the vent.

Susan said...

Susan - They are! They can't help themselves. As a matter of fact, Scrappy will look guilty even if he isn't the one responsible. Yes, those short visits were the highlights!

Susan said...

Carolyn - Ha! I should have put a disclaimer on that goat book....and included earplugs? Don't even try to interefere with BS's and my 'special' over the airways cat.....

Mama Pea said...

I won? I won! Now I feel guilty because so many others wanted that book, too. Okay. Here's my promise. As soon as I finish reading it (don't anybody start holding your breath 'cause it could be winter before I get to it - sorry), I will offer it on my blog as a giveaway again. I promise, I really, really will.

As far as the content in the rest of your post, dear Susan, I am coming to stay with you indefinitely. The visiting and conversation will be lovely, of course, but mainly I'm coming for the food. (Don't you ever have a weekend when you subsist on pb&j and don't bake/cook your little heart out to produce all the luscious sounding food??)

Unknown said...

I had a dog eat a 1/2 box of donuts once. She just sat there looking guilty:) And thanks for the book!!!

mtnchild said...

Congratulations to all the winners ... I'll be watching Mama Pea! It looks like a wonderful book ...