Friday, April 1, 2016

And the list goes on....

(How many of you will now have the Sonny & Cher song banging around in their head?)  The purging continues - although there's not a lot of 'interesting' stuff being purged, there is a continual effort in moving it out the door.  We are at 105 and counting...


I'm not sure if my weird and vivid dreams at o'dark thirty this morning were due to the trip down Memory Lane through the latest box of letters and detritus, but it was full of cameos of people from my past - both dead and alive.  It took three cups of strong coffee to get my brain back on its feet.
Here we go:
1- The flotsam and jetsam of my past lives.  Train ticket stubs, menus, maps, my library card from Nuenen, The Netherlands.  An advert from Gary's Muffins - the only place my friend Karen and I could find that had real by-golly bagels.  Unfortunately, it was in Amsterdam.  Fortunately, it was in Amsterdam...
2- Date books from 1996-2002.  Some very interesting reading.
3- Really?  I kept this?  This was Chickie's ball (my little Nigerian wether).  He pounded the poop out of it within seconds.  And I kept it.  Do you think I need an intervention?
4- My new-to-me-years-ago brown cords.  It is time they toddled along.  (Can you tell I don't have a dryer?)
5- Silk scarf.  It was a gift.  I don't wear scarves except on very rare occasions.  Must be VERY rare, as I haven't worn this ever.
6- Black cashmere boat-neck sweater.  It was also a gift - I do not feel comfortable in a boat-neck sweater.  I am sure there is someone without a double chin and with a swan-like neck that would shine in this sweater.  It ain't me.
7- A bag of leashes.  What?  You don't have a bag of leashes?  Well, so surprisingly, I have two.

The following two missives made the "Keeper" box.  They are from my nephews and I love them to pieces.  Notice that I am Aunt "Sew" in the first one?  And I love the fact that my other nephew - a fashionister (male form of fashionista?) even then - managed to convey the fact that these were not exactly what he wanted, but he gave me points for trying.  :)


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Mama Pea said...

Oh, I do so appreciate your sense of humor!

In relationship to the scarf and boat-neck sweater . . . you and me both, kiddo. I love the look of scarves casually (and oh-so-glamourously) wound around swan-like, single-chinned female necks. Whenever I try it, I look like an elf weighted down by a ton of colorful fabric. :o(

Your nephews' notes are, indeed, precious.

Sue said...

I was going to say--don't you dare get rid of letters like that! How sweet.

My ex's niece couldn't say Sue---I was Soup!
And a neighbors kid called me Shoe.
I used to think Sue was about as simple as it gets. I thought wrong!

Susan said...

Mama Pea - But what a cute elf! :) This is why I prefer tools to clothing as gifts. I never outgrew my tomboy status.

Susan said...

Sue - You would think it was simple, right? My neighbor is the one that coined Sweeze. Apparently, Sue, Susan or Susie was too difficult.

DFW said...

I'm w/you & Mama Pea on the scarf. I have never learned the trick of wearing one without it looking like I wadded it up around my neck. Love those letters from your nephews.

Susan said...

DFW - I even had a book on how to tie various scarves. Nada.

Susan said...

My grandson just the other day asked with great interest if I had two chins! Could all this flotsam from your past life go into a scrapbook-winter project for you or hand it all over to friends/sis who have a passion for organising ephemera. I can't help thnking it would be interesting reading for historians in years to come.

kymber said...

those notes are adorable and show just how much they love their auntie. thanks for sharing them. brightened up this grey, rainy day!

your friend,

jaz@octoberfarm said...

eventually you won't have anything left! i don't think kids like getting pants?

Sandy Livesay said...


Look at you go girl!!!! You've rubbed off on me, and have created a monster. Hubby will kill me if he realizes I tossed out all of his old MAPS.

Love the notes from your nephews, I would keep them as well. Maybe even consider framing them, this way the kids can see them when they visit.

Anonymous said...

I love decluttering. I'm getting close to being done in the house. And now, when I go to the store, I'm usually thinking "I don't need anything." I went to a Target last week and got snacks to take back to the motel and a cute straw hat for the grandbaby and that was all. Feels so good. The shopping and hanging onto "demon" is gone.

Ngo Family Farm said...

I was wondering about #3! Looks like you're getting to the harder/more sentimental stuff? The letters are precious - good to find the gems and treasure them!

Casa Mariposa said...

Maybe you just need to take a pic of the most important pieces and then toss them. That way you still have it if you really need to take a look at it. You may find that's enough. :o)