Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Wednesday Wanderings (of my...mind...)

According to one of the latest diet 'fads', I am an O positive trapped in an A negative body - someone let me out!  I need a total transfusion!  No tomatoes?  Are they mad?  According to the Blood Type Diet, everything I like is bad for me.  If you're an A negative, all you can do is go through life drinking water and eating raw vegetables.  Sigh.

I am going to have to hold back a few of the more interesting objects to be jettisoned.  We're getting down to the nitty gritty - piles of papers, old bank statements (from 1990 - can I hold onto something or what?), bits and pieces.  It's too cold and snowy to get my hands on the stuff in the outbuildings.  (I love saying "outbuildings".  It makes me sound like a real farm.)

Speaking of jettisoned objects:

Behold!  106-112!

I did NOT jettison this cake.

Really.  The objects of this week were so boring (visually and every other imaginable way) that I am just going to provide the list:

1- 1990 bank statements

2- 1991 bank statements

3- entire contents of warranty folder due to the fact that I no longer own any of the objects that were warranted

4- pair of black wide-legged pants still sporting the price tag (I cannot tell you how many times I had 'meant' to hem them.  But, I can tell you that I meant to do it for more than four years...)

5- pair of black slip-ons.  May I add that they were one of five pairs of almost identical black slip-ons.  Call me Imelda.

6- wire basket

7- large stack of photographs of exes and other occasions/people of which I desire no photographic evidence.  (No, you're not going to see them.  You'll have to wait for the book.)

The cake is a gluten free number that turned out great.  I had whipped it up Sunday morning - before the first major snow fall of our not-winter-but-spring - and before my dinner guest tripped over a hose by her barn that was hidden by the aforementioned snow.  She landed in a highly uncomfortable and unnatural pose and was nursing her aches and pains and had to cancel.  Alas, I had to eat the cake myself.  (Not all of it, of course...I farmed most of it out to the barn crew.)  It was another recipe from the America's Test Kitchen GF cookbook.  I have to say that almost everything I've tried has turned out wonderfully.  This cake was a gingerbread cake and the only problem with it was all my fault.  I did not tamp it down and that little ring around the center of the top was an air tunnel.  The taste was great and the texture almost fooled me.  Dinner became a week's worth of lunches.  We are nothing, if not flexible.


Sue said...

I do not save old bank statements, but I DO save old grocery receipts. Wow--what a treasure those are. They not only show how much food has gone UP in price, but also the incredible "change" in how we eat.
Who WAS that person that ate microwave popcorn, frozen lemonade, and HOTDOGS. Cripes!

Mama Pea said...

Yeah, that blood type diet threw me entirely, too. Waaaay too many "good" things I'm not supposed to be eating. Phooey.

Yuck, paper work. That's where I save stuff I never should save. And that's also an area where I will do almost anything to avoid diving into and purging. I was going to go through all my old files, stacks of saved recipes, journals, etc. this winter, but never made more than a token effort. Bad, Mama Pea, bad!

Tewshooz said...

Ya now what? All natural food is good to eat. That's my diet and works for me. Everything in moderation, except chocolate.

Tewshooz said...

Actually, it's ya know what. mmmmm chocolate overload.

Buttons Thoughts said...

You continue to crack me up. Thanks ever so much for that. HUGS B

Susan said...

Sue - In going through some cookbooks to purge, I came across a grocery receipt from 1990 - wow is right! Chicken livers were .37 a pound!

Susan said...

Mama Pea - Well, we are the Sisters of Bad. There is a pile o' papers on my desk that is standing between me and the actual USE of my desk. I have yet to touch it.

Susan said...

Tew - I am with you on that. My food hero(ine), Julia Child said everything is good for you - in moderation. It's just that last bit that I struggle with.

Susan said...

Chocolate is very important when used for medicinal purposes...

Susan said...

Dear Buttons! I know you've been busy, but sure have missed your posts!