Monday, April 11, 2016

Monday Musing 113-119




I had to get creative this week, as not everything was photographed - nor did all of it warrant photography.  More of the same rather boring purges, but we are making headway! 

1- I hate to admit it, but I was emotionally attached to this $1 Target plastic mixing bowl.  While it did give me a twinge, I held steady in my resolve to not only purge, but to purge plastic.  Plastic and I are at a crossroads - I am taking another path.

2- P is for photographs.  Another big stack helped warm us up via the fireplace on Saturday night.  The dogs and I LOVE flammable purge stuff!

3- Buttons!  Instead of doing something really useful, I spent an entire hour going through a small portion of my button collection.  A large tin went out the door on Sunday.

4- Another attachment to this cheapo set of measuring spoons.  However, it was a lot easier to divorce myself from this bit of plastic, now that I have a very lovely ceramic measuring spoon set.  (Okay, technically, "purge" is used a little loosely in this case, as it was supplanted by another set.  But I don't care - I'm counting it anyway because it's a double purge.  Clear as mud?)

5- Firstly, I do not change tires.  I used to, in my misspent youth (once having set a time record that would have put me easily in the pit at NASCAR - it was midnight and it was a very bad neighborhood.  Flat off/replacement on in under 5 minutes...) but now I have AAA.  With age comes useful memberships.  Plus, I have two of these.  You don't?  Really?

6- One of those things that gathers dust in the boot of your car.  A cigarette lighter-powered air pump.  Right.

7- F is for files.  Another box was winnowed down to an eighth of its size and carted off to the transfer station for recycling.


The "Bar".
I threw a small birthday dinner for my neighbor and, as I set up the bar area (also known as the kitchen island), I wondered how many people also offered Udder Comfort with their wine, vodka and kombucha.  I think I had everything covered.  The dinner turned out to be very nice - I boned a leg of lamb and let it soak up a marinade of olive oil, garlic, fresh rosemary, S/P and lemon juice all day.  I slapped it on the grill (after removing the three story mouse condo - they had conveniently moved the moth balls to the far end of the grill, so as not to interfere with their building project - and scrubbing it like mad), made mashed taters with minced parsley and chives, and added oven roasted asparagus.  Dessert was his favorite (his mother used to make it for him, I recalled) - pineapple upside down cake.  The GF version.

Saturday was spent with my sister, Connie, touring some local antique (or, vintage) shops.  We were frequently hysterical - neither of us brought our glasses along, so we were squinting and taking wild stabs at prices.  I picked up a neato magnifying glass in a leather case, so we would fall into a snorting heap when I whipped it out - you had to be there.  I was on a quest to replace my plastic mixing bowls (hang onto your Anchor Hocking, ladies and gents!) and my sister picked up an adorable demitasse cup and saucer for her collection.  We had lunch in a great little café in Bennington, and then I reluctantly dropped her off at home.  But, she had our parents to see to, and I had some furry dependents that needed me home.


Fiona said...

It is remarkable where mice build! I like your versatile dinner accoutrements!

Susan said...

Dinner sounds mouth wateringly good-my birthday is in Nov if you care to pop all the ingredients plus furry room mates into your car and schlep all the way up here. I'm sure the furry ones will adore being left on the car deck of an ancient ferry for an hour or three.

Mama Pea said...

You continue to amaze me with your Great Purging Endeavor. You are being so good . . . while just going through my desk files remains on my To Do list day after day after day.

I haven't had a leg of lamb since I-don't-know-when. MY MIL was not a fantastic cook (sorry, mom) but she could make a mean leg o' lamb.

What is Udder Comfort?

You must have some button collection! Certain crafters would be pleased as punch to get their paws on those.

Good thing you had a tire iron (or two) with you when you had that flat tire in the bad neighborhood! Scary.

Sounds like a wonderful day with your sis. What fun for both of you. :o}

Sue said...

I am just going to "Ditto" Mama Pea! And yes--what is Udder Comfort?

I hate plastic anything. Glad you are purging that stuff!

kymber said...

i'm going to ditto both Mama Pea and Sue - what the heck is Udder Comfort???

kymber said...

Susan - the pic of the buttons should be made into a puzzle - that would make an awesome puzzle.

your dinner sounds deelish - especially since everything i've eaten in a month has to be blitzkreiged into mush. and a leg of lamb? oh it's been almost 7yrs since i had a leg of lamb. there is no good lamb on this poor island!

sending love. your friend,

jaz@octoberfarm said...

i wish i had a sister to have that kind of fun with!

Sandy Livesay said...


Keep up the great job of purging my friend. Ceramic measuring spoons over plastic, love it :-)

Visiting with your sister, and going antiquing is so much fun.

Akannie said...

Hey sweetpants...I emailed you my address and it came back as permanently undeliverable. Or something like that. LOL Can I just leave it here----Annie Kelley 8546 Detour Road Bunker Hill, IL 62014

Debra She Who Seeks said...

There's nothing I love better than purging old stuff that I don't need/want any more. When I retire and have more time to do so, then man oh man, there's going to be the PURGE OF ALL PURGES!