Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The Cast of Characters - Part One.

It is a varied and motley crew. Wait. I am the motley crew. We are varied, all right, but I am their crew and handservant. I am the Food Lady, the Poop Lady, the Where's-the-Graham-Crackers Lady.

Just for expediency's sake, we'll start with the indoor variety.

This is Scrappy Doo. He, as did Bernie, arrived in my life via my favorite dog rescue group - Peppertree. I have been very lucky in that I chose both of them by their picture on the website. As the song goes, "Just one look...was all it took." Scrappy came with his name (although I do call him "Sparky" in weak moments) and, as he's 10 this year, it didn't seem fair to make him learn a new name. He is quite a character - we call him Burt Lahr in dog's clothing. He is also very jealous so, if I get a hug, I have to keep one hairy eyeball on him - he's liable to sneak up on the hugger and nip pants. Although it seem like Scrappy has been with me since the beginning of time, he's been here less than a year.

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