Thursday, March 4, 2010

Haste Makes Waste

I am interrupting my cast of characters theme to bring you proof that the old saying is oh, so true. I had originally built the hoop house to the left as a sort of chicken tractor for my first batch of meat birds. After a weasel pointed out it's failings as that type of structure, I was able to move it to the sheep pasture for their shelter. It has framing, strength and I took my time building it. The 'structure' to the right was thrown up quickly because I had diddled around and left myself no time before the llama arrived. Basically, I pounded four t-posts into the ground, bent a couple of cattle panels between them into a hoop, and bungeed a series of tarps over the lot. I was very proud of my ingenuity. I had every intention of reinforcing it. Then I diddled for a year. Then we got two feet of very heavy snow. Lesson learned? We'll see. It's propped up with a 2x2 for now -- and I hope to be able to salvage most of it to reuse in another area. This time I WILL take the time to put it on a frame. Or will I?

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