Friday, April 11, 2014

Trial by Fire.

I was so hoping that we (Scrappy, Lovey and I) could have a nice, quiet time to get acquainted and work out all the little scary quirks.  That ain't gonna happen.  Tonight is Girls' Night - three women+martinis+good food.  Tomorrow Sylvie is coming into town and staying with us (Heaven help her) on the sad occasion of the funeral of a friend.  Sunday, my DS from LA is coming into town for a whirlwind visit - we pick her up at the train station.  Monday we rest.  Or, they rest, I work.  What is it they say?  No rest for the weary?  The wicked?  Or The wicked weary?

Not much is getting done during this get-acquainted period.  We have found that Lovey has two speeds - fast and fastest.  It's like living with a two year-old.  Hey - she IS (almost) a two-year old!  She spent the morning pulling every toy out of Scrappy's toy box and dragging into the living room.  That finished, she got all my mittens, gloves, hats, and ear warmers added to the pile.  She didn't chew anything up, thankfully.  She's just....busy.  She and Scrappy are playing well together - she, low to the ground, kissing his face constantly.  He, fake-snarling and chasing back and forth. The cats are slowly coming out and staring at her.  Then darting to the back.  It's progress.

In the garden - garlic is just starting to peek up out of the soil.  The strawberries are starting to vibrate into life.  The clean-up task is gargantuan - I managed to clear out the chard and kale beds while waiting for Lovey to arrive.  I cannot sit with nothing to do, so I started to clear the beds.  I received my onion plants in yesterday's post - they must be way more positive than I that spring weather has arrived.  Looking ahead at the forecast, there is another - tho' short - cold spell coming next week.  I am hoping to get them in the ground on Easter.  Because of my DS from NH's schedule, we are celebrating on the Saturday.  With any luck, it will be reasonably good weather and I can start on the chicken coop.  I should be starting on the run-in shed, but, alas, that is an all-summer job.  I am already starting to noodle away at plans for keeping the sheep dry elsewhere for the shearer.

Turkey question, for all those who are more turkey-savvy than moi.  Penny (my new name for her) has stopped laying.  This appeared to happen right about the same time that Marie-Claire started setting on a couple of eggs.  My best attempts to check her for egg binding seem to indicate that is not the problem - although, while chickens are putty in your hands in the dark, turkeys are ALWAYS on guard.  She has also become very vocal.  Any ideas?  Input?  Ancient Turkey Egg-laying incantations?


Fiona said...

Turkey setting and laying is a mystery to me and I had them for ages. One hen sat on 17 golf ball for three years! Her sister had two successful hatches of three chicks each.

Would a hatchery be able to give you information or your Ag extension office?

Lovey and Scrappy and the cats sounds like fun to watch but good progress!

Kelly said...

Sounds like your wickedly weary but having a good time :)
I don't know about turkeys. I sold mine when Tom decided to flog me every chance he got. Maybe she's laying her eggs in Marie-Claire's nest? My hens do that when there is a broody and it's not worth battling the gremlin to get the eggs.

Carolyn said...

So, did you, Lovey & Scrappy (and the kitties) survive Friday night & the weekend?

Wish I could give you some turkey advice. For whatever reason, that is something we have NOT had on the homestead.

Tombstone Livestock said...

You sound like the Energizer Bunny ... always on the go.

Have you ever planted the root section off of onions? I have done red, yellow and green onions. I need some red onion for a pasta salad today but unfortunately not big enough yet, but I have some green onions that will do. I also planted celery root and leeks, bugs got the celery after all the leaves started coming up.