Saturday, June 5, 2010

Pigs Are Beautiful.

A friend has a Tamworth sow who just had a litter of 8 piglets.  Cripes are they cute!  I haven't had that much exposure to pigs - there was an early incident of me stepping into a paddock to 'rescue' a lame piglet, only to have the world's largest, ugliest, slavering, red-eyed boar head for me at 100 mph (or so it seemed at the time), and I did have Kate and Ethel, who I really did love.  But the Tamworth is an exceptionally beautiful pig.  Red hair, hazel eyes.  Not too big, relatively speaking.  Smart, not hysterical.  Everything that one would want in a pig.  And, of course, there's the end product.  I like pork and I will not eat any other pork than Tamworth.  Period.  It is an interesting experience to develop such a relationship with your food. 

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