Sunday, June 6, 2010


I would categorize this as my first harvest - except for my rhubarb.  While I was frantically putting up my trellises between storms this afternoon, I looked over and discovered garlic scapes -- I absolutely love garlic scapes.  Garlic scape pesto is so amazing, it defies description.  My friend, Marianne, introduced me to garlic scape pesto - which she sells out of as soon as it hits the farmers market.  I love them small and tender, diced and sauteed in butter with a little sweet onion, either by itself or tossed with pasta. Ymmmmmm.  Gigi decided I was spending way too much time photographing garlic scapes when she was right there in front of me.  Waiting for dinner, no doubt.  How she managed to stay dry in the downpours, I have no idea.  She will not enter the barn since Joey arrived.  Sigh.

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