Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Slow Coffee. An Oxymoron?

I drink slow coffee.  I buy my coffee beans from a local roaster less than a half hour from where I live (Roaster's Whim, a wonderful coffee shop in Dunham Hollow, NY, where my friend, Kayten's spinning group meets every Friday).  I grind my beans by hand in my great-great-grandmother's coffee grinder.  I make coffee in a Melitta drip coffee maker.  Okay, sometimes I cheat and use my electric coffeemaker - but on weekends I make it slow, all the way.  I can truly savor this coffee - I like a rich, thick, dark coffee, like Sumatra.  I drink less now, but drink it better.

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LindaCO said...

Hi, saw this post via Jordan's blog. I LOVE that grinder!!