Wednesday, June 2, 2010

What a Difference a Week (or less) Makes.

I have very little "pasture" land, so I need to take advantage of every lick of green space for the sheep and Uncle Hoosier.  Having electric net fencing is a great help, although it is a pain to drag it through briars and try to get the step in posts into my rocky ground.  The sheep are wonderful trimmers/mowers.  On the top you'll see them in the new area the first day.  Below, I have moved the fencing to a new area - less than a week, and with only one full day of grazing later.  I have a rotational method that seems to work well and keep the main body of my briars down.  I plan to fence in the small orchard area but need to make sure Hoosier can't reach the young apple trees.  He will strip a tree barkless in an hour!

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