Monday, April 28, 2014

The irony was not lost on me.

When I awoke this morning, there was something missing.  The sound of raindrops pat-pat-patting on the roof.  I knew it had to be Monday.  After spending a frustrating weekend, waiting for any good length of clear weather, I finally found it.  Just in time to go back to work.


It's not that there is any lack of indoor projects to do.  It's more that there are MANY MORE outdoor projects to do.  I have been waiting for two consecutive dry, breezy days in order to do the spring cleaning of the chicken coop.  I am still waiting.  The two consecutive days tend to coincide with the days that I am trapped in my office.  I am frustrated.

I got a big batch of my favorite granola made, made butter, made yogurt, did laundry - which I defiantly hung out on the line in the drizzle.  Because I knew it would dry TODAY.  Yes, I am still frustrated.  I also made a quick trip to the dump with my recycling.  On Saturday, I took my car up to my mechanic for an oil change and tire rotation, and to get a quote on fixing the things that the dealer did not fix - yes, I spoke to soon as to how wonderful they were.  After many calls and messages - none of which were returned - the limited warranty had expired, so I went with the trusted Midas group.  On my way back home, I also stopped at the greenhouse and planted four short rows of various carrots and two short rows of fennel.  I love being in the greenhouse - even with no sun, it is warm and smells of loam.  All it was missing was my DS Melanie.

View from the farmhouse.

Four short rows of carrots and
two short rows of fennel.

Peas coming up!
The rain finally cleared on Sunday around one o'clock, but it was chilly and damp with a brisk wind.  I did get a few things done outside - apple trees pruned and fertilized, sheep paddock raked - and paid my weekly visit to Jasmine, Rosebud and Alice (and the rest of the numbered cows...).  I put the dogs in the fenced in area behind the sheep's middle paddock and let them tear around.  Scrappy is now willingly playing with Lovey, which is a joy to watch.  They carry on - Lovey, tearing around at the speed of sound, with Scrappy leaping out at her when she gets close enough - until Scrappy has had enough.  Then Lovey digs many holes while Scrappy takes a respite.  I, meantime, was tackling the dreaded grass in my soon-to-be flower bed.  I swear that root base was a good, solid six inches.  There is nothing that eases frustration than ripping out big wads of crab grass and root clumps.

The coop is on hold for at least another week - we are forecast for rain from Tuesday through Friday, with a chance of rain both weekend days.  And I have the shearer scheduled


Mama Pea said...

Well, m'dear, even though you didn't get done what you wanted this past weekend, sounds as though (per usual) you got a lot done. I think we must be under the same weather system, even though we're half a continent away from each other. We have nothing but damp, gray, snow/rain/sleet scheduled for this whole coming week. Arrrgh. And to think this week it's MAY already! What's wrong with this picture, I ask you??!!

Susan said...

Big wads of roots and crab grass are my life, I'm almost at whimper stage but I have to keep going if I want flowers. I'll keep my fingers crossed for some dry days.

Susan said...

Mama Pea - But it wasn't anything I wanted to do, boohoo (she whines). Everything is wrong with this picture! I hope your temps turn balmy soon...

Susan said...

Susan - Grass is totally over-rated. And why is it that it grows its sturdiest in all the places we don't want it?

Unknown said...

I'm getting ready to plant some cool weather veggies, and now it's supposed to be 80 Sat.! :(

Michelle said...

We have been doing the cold then hot thing here.

Sue said...

It's frustrating waiting for the weather. I have a list a mile long as well,---our problem isn't rain, it's wind. Bleh---I despise the wind. I watched hubby out the window yesterday in 40 mph winds trying to cut out sumac along a fencerow. It looked hideous. I ate cookies. By the time the weather settles enough for me, my hips will be so wide I won't fit through the door. Perhaps I need to consider goggles to keep the sand and dust out of my eyes!!

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the shots from the greenhouse. In my next lifetime I wish to be rich (though I swear I never really wanted to be!!) and have a HUGE heated conservatory. Ha. Haha. Hahahahhahhahahahahahaha. Back to reality!

Michelle said...

I do hope you use whatever avenues that are available there (Angie's List, BBB, Yelp?) to leave poor reviews for that dealership. It may not fix your car, but it will warn others to beware.