Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Fall bounty.


While I am secretly relieved that tomato season has come and gone, I actively excited about what has to be my favorite vege season - autumn!  I L.O.V.E. squash, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, turnips, rutabagas, parsnips, carrots - you get the drift.  I especially love roasted vege and, most especially, Brussels sprouts.

My BFF Sylvie makes the best roast vegetables ever.  EVER.  I can take the same vegetables, in the same pan, at the same temperature, for the same amount of time and mine are not as good.  She is the vegetable whisperer.  That does not stop me, however.  I roast vegetables at the drop of a hat.  Especially now that the heat from the oven is a welcomed addition to my chilly house.


Sue said...

So agreed-roasting just adds a whole new level of delicious.
I roast my brussels sprouts drizzled with olive oil, minced garlic and Penzey's Foxpoint seasoning (salt/shallots/chives/garlic/onion/green peppers) . Oh-to die for!!!!

The Maine Gray Zone said...

Oooooh..............where does one get Penzey's Foxpoint seasoning?
Hardly a vegetable whisperer....I love vegetables and love the way you can get so many in one dish.........I do like the dash of balsamic and feta added at the end.

Sue said...

I'm lucky enough to have a son in Phoenix and Penzeys has a retail store there. Otherwise -you can order from their website. It is AMAZING stuff!!!
I put it on anything I roast. Heavenly

Mama Pea said...

So fall is your favorite vegetable season, eh? Heck, it's my favorite FOOD season! I even have an index card-little booklet-thingie I made several years ago that I pull out this time of year to inspire my cooking. It has favorite fall main dishes, vegetables, biscuits/muffins, salads, soups, cookies and a section full of things to make with APPLES! Just another thing to prove that autumn is the best time of year!

Susan said...

Sue - that sounds like a wonderful seasoning combination! I like Penzey's seasonings - I will have to try it.

Susan said...

Mama Pea - that is such a great idea! I tend to forget recipes that I have tried the season past - my collection is a hodgepodge of clippings and printouts.

Unknown said...

WOW, looks great!

Sandy Livesay said...


I love all kinds of roasted vegetables. My favorite mixture to roast...sweet potatoes, new potatoes, carrots, parsnips, and beets tossed in olive oil, a little salt and pepper.....I'm then in heaven.

Stay warm my friend!

Fiona said...

I use a Stone Ground mustard and Rosemary mix I get at Target, then a sprinkle of Good old Lawry's seasoned salt...of course Olive oil and any veggies I can think of...I throw some tart apple cubes in toward the end of the roasting so they add flavor but do not turn to mush! Okay I know what we are having for supper!
Lovely Brussels by the way!