Thursday, October 30, 2014

My Favorite Yarn.

I finally got my act together and took a quick snap of three of the 7 (8?) skeins I got from my DS, Melanie.  Her business is called "Dyenamics Yarn" and it is all hand-dyed.  In the MOST luscious colors.  I am very lucky in that I can text her and ask when the yarn store is open.  Then I zip over and fall upon the tubs of glorious colors.  I am hoping that, by opening nagging her, I will move her along towards getting her Etsy shop up so that everyone can partake of this yarny goodness.
(I am done now, Mel...for now...)

These skeins are all superwash merino.  She also has lovely natural wool from her Shetland sheep, some beautiful white Cormo yarn (worsted?) and tons of wonderful self-striping sock yarn. 

L to R - Starry Starry Night, Ivy and Iris

Since I am trying to be disciplined (never an easy task) and check off at least one item a day from the dreaded List, I will try to take a pic of my pile 'o knitting projects. before I send them all off.  Three went out in the post last week and I am hoping to get the last two mailings out this next week.  I have a mighty Chilly Dog waiting for his sweater....


Buttons Thoughts said...

Oh now I think that is such pretty merino wool and would make excellent super cool hats:) Pretty pretty. Keep checking off that list I understand. Hug B

Mama Pea said...

Wow, what beautiful yarn! It really is the season to get out our knitting needles and start producing, isn't it? (I could do that all day, every day for a while before getting tired of it. Where shall we all meet?)

Unknown said...


Fiona said...

A warm 'tube' of lovely color for your "predator Dog". The yarns are simple gorgeous!